In the growth of societies, business and entrepreneurship are regarded as two significant and determinative concerns. Both notions, in reality, must be intertwined since they are the instruments for strengthening the stake on innovation, creativity, employment, and economic growth. As a result, management and entrepreneurship education must be promoted, and real-life managerial entrepreneurial stories can serve as role models for young students in India. The case study methodology is a significant pedagogy tool in the management education. The book is an attempt to disseminate the innovative and practice-based teaching material on management and entrepreneurship for higher education, with a focus on real-life contexts and practical learning. The case studies in the book include a rich variety of managerial and entrepreneurial challenges that have to be understood and solved in the real world, giving the student a dynamic experience on how to solve real world managerial and entrepreneurial challenges.

chapter Case 1|11 pages

A Case on Food Entrepreneurs Alliance

chapter Case 3|11 pages

MBA Chai Wala

chapter Case 6|4 pages

Ms Thakkar at Build Well

chapter Case 11|5 pages

ECOrrect Pvt. Ltd.

chapter Case 12|6 pages

Ruturaj Pencils Private Limited

chapter Case 14|9 pages

Akshar Travels

chapter Case 15|7 pages

Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye

chapter Case 16|10 pages

Clock Travel LLP

chapter Case 17|9 pages

Ozone Biotech