Providing a comprehensive, global overview of the digitalisation of education, the World Yearbook of Education 2024 examines the ways advanced digital technologies are transforming educational practices, institutions and policy processes.

Establishing a critical research agenda for analysing the digitalisation of education, the carefully selected chapters in this collection interrogate the current impacts of new digital technologies, emerging controversies over emerging data practices and future implications of algorithmic systems, automated decision-making and AI in education. Organised into four sections, the contributions in the collection examine the following:

  • The historical, scientific and technical foundations of contemporary digitalisation in education
  • The political and economic dynamics that underpin the education technology industry and new platform models of education

  • How algorithms, automation and AI support new modes of data-driven governance and control of education systems

  • Controversies over the inequitable effects of digitalisation in education, and proposals for data justice, ethics and regulation

This resource is ideal reading for researchers, students, educational practitioners and policy officials interested in understanding the future of digital technologies in education.

chapter 1|19 pages


Digitalisation of education in the era of algorithms, automation and artificial intelligence

part I|66 pages

Sociotechnical foundations

chapter 3|15 pages

AI and lifelong learning

A genealogical approach to the analysis of educational imaginaries and problematisations

chapter 5|17 pages

Educational vanishing points

When interoperable platforms turn infrastructural and back in higher education

part II|85 pages

Political economy

part III|70 pages

Digital governance

chapter 11|21 pages

Platforming PISA

The OECD as a mobile governance actor in global education

chapter 13|15 pages

After digital literacy

Media pedagogies for platform ecologies

chapter 14|16 pages

Social media's education grab

Philanthrocapitalism, data centres and the metaverse vision of education

part IV|68 pages

Design and justice

chapter 17|18 pages

The EdTech Stack

A speculative design thought experiment

chapter 18|17 pages

Design justice and educational technology

Designing in the fissures