Approaching Simone de Beauvoir’s feminism and social commentary as a resource to understand our current crises, Beauvoir and Politics: A Toolkit brings together established and emerging scholars to apply her insights to gender studies, political philosophy, decolonisation, intellectual history, age theory, and critical phenomenology. The essays in this collection start from key concepts in Beauvoir’s oeuvre and relate them to contemporary debates, asking how her notion of ambiguity speaks to lived experiences that have been highly politicized in recent years, such as pregnancy, old age, sexual violence, and the exposure of black and brown bodies to police violence; how myths inform our notions of collective, national identities, as well as notions of masculinity and femininity; and how she provides conceptual tools that help to theorize the various political strategies that are used to challenge gendered and racialized systems of oppression. These and other issues are central to this critical appraisal of Beauvoir’s legacy, demonstrating the contemporary relevance of her thought as it diagnoses the present and looks toward change for a better future. This book will be of great interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students looking to engage with the political content of Simone de Beauvoir’s work and the timely application of her ideas.

chapter |12 pages


part I|60 pages

Changing Myths

chapter 3|19 pages

Must We Eliminate All Myths?

Simone de Beauvoir and the Myth-Affirmative Feminist Tradition

chapter 4|22 pages

Beauvoir, Bardot, and Burqinis

Making Sense of Modern France

part II|36 pages

Lived Ambiguities

chapter 5|20 pages

Uses of Ambiguity as Tool

A Black Feminist Phenomenologist Reflects on the Year 2020 (and Ambiguous Futures)

part III|39 pages

Situated Experiences

part IV|64 pages

Fighting Back

chapter 9|19 pages

‘Muscular Revolt’

Resisting Gender Oppression through Counter-Violence

chapter 10|25 pages

“I Didn't Ask for It”

Balkan Women vs. the Invisibility of Rape

chapter 11|18 pages

Why Thoughtfulness Matters

Black Lives Matter and Elsewhere