Nutrition and Supplements in Cycling provides a blueprint for all the key nutritional aspects a cyclist should consider from health to macro- and micro-nutrients, and the finer details, such as sports supplements to improve competitive performance. As a result, cyclists and coaches can use this book as a handbook to help with supporting their own (or their athletes') health and performance through evidence-based nutrition.

The nutritional demands of cycling are as diverse as the number of disciplines in the sport. To address this issue, this book covers the nutritional strategies for short- and long-distance disciplines and considers the implications of training and racing in a variety of environmental conditions. The book is divided into two distinct parts that are structured around the nutrition demands and practices of cyclists and an evaluation of novel and existing supplements that are currently being used or considered by riders.

This book represents a go-to resource for cyclists, performance nutritionists, coaches, and students looking for the most effective and up-to-date evidence-based nutritional strategies for enhancing cycling performance. It brings together a team of emerging and world-leading academics, along with practitioners and riders from the UCI World and Pro Tours, to provide insightful evaluations of the latest science and to translate that knowledge into practical recommendations. Finally, it presents a model of reflective practice designed to enhance the performance nutrition practitioner’s development and practices.

This book is key reading for active cyclists, cycling coaches, and athletes, as well as researchers and students of sport and exercise science, nutrition, human performance, and exercise physiology.

chapter 4|27 pages


chapter 6|18 pages


chapter 13|38 pages

Dietary Nitrate

chapter 17|15 pages

Towards a Model of Professional Practice

Critical Reflections from Blowing up the Giro!