This timely book will guide researchers on how to apply qualitative research methods to explore English-medium instruction (EMI) issues, such as classroom interactions, teachers’ and students’ perceptions on language and pedagogical challenges, and stakeholders’ views on the implementation of EMI.

Each chapter focuses on a specific type of qualitative research methodology, beginning with an overview of the research and the method used, before presenting a unique case study. Chapters will also identify the process that EMI researchers went through to conduct their research, the key dilemmas they faced, and focus particularly on the methodological issues they encountered. By exploring these issues and providing up-to-date insights in contexts across the globe, this book informs theory or the lack thereof, underlying research into the phenomenon of EMI.

This text will be indispensable for researchers who want to learn and acquire skills in conducting qualitative research in EMI, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students reading in the fields of applied linguistics and language education.

chapter |5 pages


Qualitative research methods in English-medium instruction for emerging researchers

chapter 6|18 pages

Moving beyond language in EMI research

A multimodal and multichannel analytical framework to visualise classroom practices