This volume explores the applications of narrative and storytelling in corporate, public health and political communications, and its implications for those fields. Using diverse research methods including surveys, experiments, case studies and content analyses, an international team of authors first explore conceptual and theoretical issues of narrative persuasion, then examine the impact and application of narratives in science communication, political advertising, corporate communication and social movement, before discussing the use of stories in community building, identity construction and civic engagement. This timely volume will be of interest to academics, researchers and graduate students who are interested in narratives and communications, within the areas of public relations, public communication, organizational communication, strategic communication, risk and crisis communication, and political communication.

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Chapter 1. Narratives in public communication: An introduction

Fuyuan Shen and Heidi Hatfield Edwards

Chapter 2. Correcting Anti-Vaccine Misinformation with Storytelling: The Effects of Narratives and Correction Placement

Weirui Wang and Yan Huang

Chapter 3. Are repeated stories a good strategy? Focusing on narrative persuasion in digital political communication

Weiting Tao, Juliana Ferdandes and Yi Grace Ji

Chapter 4. The effects and implications of consuming multiple science narratives on different types of audience engagement

Jessica Gall Myrick

Chapter 5. Persuasive Mechanisms and Effects of Narrative Video Political Ads

from the 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections on Voter Attitudes

Jeff Conlin, Guolan Yang and Fuyuan Shen

Chapter 6. Effects of narrative-based corporate message and sponsorship disclosure in native CSR advertising

Ashley Han, Shanshan Lou, Heidi Hatfield Edwards and Fuyuan Shen

Chapter 7. Understanding crisis narratives with large-scale Twitter data:

The role of celebrity and emotions in the virality of #MeToo social media activism messages

Xuerong Lu, Yen-I Lee and Yan Jin, University of Georgia

Chapter 8. The Co-Creation of a Collective Identity through Narrativized Sisterhood in a Women’s Political Training Program

Stephanie Madden and Abbey Levenshus

Chapter 9. The re-enchantment of narratives in disaster risk communication: Developing a storytelling framework with ‘5C’ principles

Jenny Zhengye Hou

Chapter 10. Constructing the pipeline fight metanarrative: Micromobilizations, participation, and environmental advocacy

Derek Moscato

Chapter 11. Once upon a time…a story of narratives in public communication

Heidi Hatfield Edwards and Fuyuan Shen