First published in 1968, Critical Essays on Jane Austen shines critical and scholarly attention on one of the most widely read of the great English novelists, Jane Austen. The essays provide a varied and challenging discussion on several topics, taking account of the novelist’s limitation as well as her greatness. The peculiarity of Austen and her appeal to readers across generations is investigated at length and will be of interest to students of literature, gender studies and history.

chapter II|18 pages

Jane Austen and the Stuarts

chapter III|21 pages

A View of Mansfield Park

chapter IV|23 pages

Learning Experience and Change

chapter VI|17 pages

Jane Austen and the Moralists

chapter VII|13 pages

Tradition and Miss Austen

chapter X|18 pages

The Neighbourhood of Tombuctoo

Conflicts in Jane Austen's Novels