This book explores innovation in technology, products and services in sport management in the Ibero-American region, one of the most rapidly developing regions in world sport. This timely volume captures a sense of the potential impact and opportunities presented in the region for international sport businesses and sporting organisations. 

The book presents cutting-edge research into topics as diverse as digitization in the Chilean sport industry; responses to COVID-19 by sports clubs in the region; consumer behaviour in the Portuguese fitness industry; multiplatform content distribution in Brazilian basketball, and the strategy behind the growth and development of the Valencia marathon in Spain. It is full of insight, data and examples of best practice in innovation. 

This is fascinating reading for any student, researcher or practitioner working in sport management, sport business, sport governance, international business and management, or Ibero-American studies.

1. Ibero-American Sport Management: Challenges and Opportunities,  Part I: Innovations in Technologies,  2. Digitization in the Emerging Chilean Sport Industry: The Case of BoxMagic Inc.,  3. Managing Employee’s Health While They Are Teleworking? A Corporate Well-Being Model in Times of COVID-19,  4. Innovation and Sport Policy in Brazilian Sports: The Sport Intelligence Research Institute,  5. Crisis Management during COVID-19: Sport Clubs’ Initiatives and Innovations,  Part II: Innovations in the Fitness Industry,  6. Innovation in Training Service for the Sport Management Sector in Ecuador,  7. Healthy Universities: Managing Physical Activity and Sport Programs,  8. Satisfaction with Services of a Public Sport Organization in Mexico,  9. Impact of Products and Services Innovations on Consumer Behavior: Portugal Fitness Industry,  10. Educational Quality in Physical Education during Covid-19 Pandemic,  11. Innovation in Sport Centres: Accessibility and Adapted Sports Programmes,  Part III: Innovations in Sports Events,  12. Innovative Management Model and Multiplatform Distribution Content: The Liga Nacional de Basquete and Novo Basquete Brazil,  13. Innovative Promotions to Attract Non-Resident Spectators: A Case Study in Portugal,  14. Success Factors in Sporting Events through IPA Approach: The Case of an International Horse Show Jumping,  15. Key Strategic and Innovative Decisions That Explain the Success of the Valencia Marathon,  16. Ecuador as a Destination for International Events: A Case Study of Oceanman in Manta,  17. Sport Events as a Catalyst for Economic, Socio-Cultural, Tourism, and Environmental Sustainability in Portugal,  18. Beach Volleyball Management in Brazil: Reflections on the Modality’s Autonomy