The Soviet Far East (1990) examines the largest economic region in the Soviet Union, the Far East. The region is explored in all its geographical and economic complexity. Chapters on the state of its development under Gorbachev (and his programme of investment) are supplemented by examinations of the history of its settlement, analysis of its unique environment and the threats which economic growth might pose for it, and of the region’s vital strategic significance to the Soviet Union.

chapter Chapter one|3 pages


chapter Chapter four|25 pages

Population and labour force

chapter Chapter five|31 pages


chapter Chapter six|49 pages

Forest and fishing industries

chapter Chapter seven|22 pages

The South Yakutian Territorial Production Complex

chapter Chapter eight|40 pages

The Far Eastern transport system

chapter Chapter ten|30 pages

Soviet Far Eastern trade

chapter Chapter twelve|9 pages

Conclusions and recent developments 1