This comprehensive book brings together reflections, lessons and insights relating to the post Covid-19 era in Zimbabwe.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has immensely affected all facets of humanity globally. Its impact on Zimbabwe is evident through its effect on socio-economic and education systems, politics, religion, infrastructural development, and health delivery systems. This book provides scholarly introspections into the lessons drawn from the pandemic in an effort to re-imagine the future possibilities of public health in Zimbabwe and beyond. Providing a platform for research that seeks to re-think global public health matters from a Decolonial school of thought, the book asks questions such as: What is the role of religion, linguistics, communication, education, economics, politics, and science in preparing Zimbabwe for possible future pandemics? How can the lessons drawn from the pandemic inform scholars to re-imagine the future trajectories of the country in the various domains? How can researchers evaluate the power and economic dialectics of COVID-19, navigate the tumultuous challenges generated, and come up with appropriate systems for future pandemics?

Offering a realistic picture of the post COVID-19 era in Zimbabwe, the book will be a key resource to students and researchers across the fields of political communication, science communication, decolonial discourse, language and culture, as well as African Studies more broadly.

1. Introduction: Reflections, Lessons and Future Possibilities  2. The Socratic Sieve, post COVID-19 Public Health and Zimbabwean Social Media  3. Negotiating the shifting sands of time: The future possibilities of journalism education and research in Zimbabwe, Post-Covid-19 Era  4.Communication and new cultural order in Zimbabwean public health: Reflections from Covid-19  5. The dialectics of language in Zimbabwe’s public health communication: Reflections on English as a lingua franca in the (post) COVID-19 era  6. A Language Policy Inspired Lessons for the Post COVID-19 Era  7. Language change beyond the Covid-19 pandemic : The case of Shona language  8. COVID-19 related communications on Zimbabwean online health communities: A Netnographic Study  9. Ndebele funeral rites and COVID-19: Deciphering public health in spirituality in Zimbabwe  10. Securitization of Covid-19 and the Imagination of Post Covid-19 burial ceremonies in Kenya & Zimbabwe  11. Karanga-Shona Funeral and Post Funeral Rites Beyond the COVID-19 Era: A Case Study of the VaDuma in Bikita, Zimbabwe  12. The COVID-19 restrictions and clashes with Shona cultural practices and values: Post-COVID era lessons for Zimbabwe  13. Beyond COVID-19: Reimagining religious and political futures in Zimbabwe. A decolonial paradigm  14. The socio-economic Ramification of Covid 19 to the economically disadvantaged members of the community in Harare during 2020 lockdowns: A Practical theological approach to the Post Covid-19 Era  15. The post-Covid-19 Health Futures in Zimbabwe