Originally published in 1969, this book discusses the growth of foreign trade between 1600 and 1775 which brought about a commercial revolution in England. English merchants developed the exchange of manufactured goods for primary products such as tobacco, sugar, cotton and silk. A notable feature of these years was the American orientation of English overseas trade. This expansion of commerce made a decisive contribution to national economic growth. Its implications for the economy as a whole and the process of industrialization are reviewed at length in the substantial introduction.

chapter |63 pages

Editor's Introduction

ByW. E. Minchinton

chapter 1|14 pages

London's Export Trade in the Early Seventeenth Century 1

ByF. J. Fisher

chapter 2|23 pages

English Foreign Trade, 1660-1700

ByRalph Davis

chapter 3|20 pages

English Foreign Trade, 1700-1774 1

ByRalph Davis

chapter 4|23 pages

Trends in Eighteenth-Century Smuggling 1

ByW. A. Cole

chapter 5|21 pages

Anglo-Portuguese Trade 1700-1770 1

ByH. E. S. Fisher