Originally published in 1992, the volume shows through the lens of labour processes how global forces are played out at the local level. A range of important issues is addressed, including the commoditization and transformation of rural labour, and the role played by state policy in restructuring rural labour markets.

Introduction: Labour and Locality: Emerging Research Issues Terry Marsden, Philip Lowe and Sarah Whatmore 1. The Reconstitution of Locality: Technology and Labour in Modern Agriculture Jan Douwe Van der Ploeg 2. Transformation of the Labour System and Work Processes in a Rapidly Modernising Agriculture: The Evolving Case of Spain Miren Etxezarreta 3. Rural Labour Markets Meeting Urbanisation and the Arena Society: New Challenges for Policy and Planning in Rural Scandinavia Lars Olof Persson 4. Class-based Social Mobility on the Rural/Urban Fringe: Cambodian Farmworkers in Philadelphia Max J. Pfeffer 5. Local Culture, Life Mode and Development in a Norwegian Rural Community Mariann Villa and Reidar Almås 6. On the Margins: Uneven Development and Rural Restructuring in the Highlands of Scotland Richard J. Smith 7. Representing the Region: Welsh Farmers and the British State Jonathon Murdoch .