The Routledge Handbook of Homicide Studies comprehensively examines the topic of homicide from a diverse collection of perspectives and backgrounds. It brings together original contributions on homicide, with a focus on the broad range of impacts of homicide from a multitude of disciplines that evaluate and examine homicide in actual practice and theory. The editors have assembled a comprehensive collection highlighting the multifaceted causes and ramifications of homicide both across the United States and globally, with chapters exploring the current state of homicide, typologies of homicides offenders, causes and correlates of homicide, homicides and the criminal justice system, and a professional observations chapters authored by some of the leading practicing professionals in the world, many of whom have made pivotal contributions to the evaluation and investigation of homicide offenders and cases.

Providing state-of-the-art scholarship on homicide in modern society, this handbook is a key collection and an invaluable resource for students, researchers, and practitioners engaged in the study of homicide across a diverse range of disciplines, including criminal justice and criminology, psychology, sociology, forensics, interdisciplinary departments, and sociolegal studies.

chapter 1|4 pages


part 1|162 pages

Current State of Homicide

chapter 2|34 pages

Global Trends in Homicide

A Comparison between the UNODC Homicide Data and the WHO Mortality Database

chapter 3|24 pages

Latin American Homicide

chapter 5|19 pages

The Coming Crisis in Criminal Justice

True Crime as a Cultural Anomaly

chapter 8|27 pages

Mass Shootings in the United States and Beyond

Definitions, Contexts, and Controversies

part 2|154 pages

Types of Homicide

chapter 9|19 pages

Intimate Partner Homicide

chapter 10|26 pages

Youth Homicide Offenders

A Review of Recent Literature

chapter 11|21 pages

Legal Homicide

chapter 14|25 pages

Fetal Abduction by Maternal Evisceration (FAMAE)

A Forensic Psychiatric Syndrome

part 3|206 pages

Causes and Correlates of Homicide

chapter 15|26 pages

Homicide and Criminal Careers

An Empirical Study on Serial Murderers

chapter 18|28 pages

Barriocide Reloaded

An Updated Analysis of the Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Gang Homicide in East Los Angeles

chapter 19|25 pages

Immigration and Homicide

From Eastern Europe to the U.S.–Mexico Border

chapter 21|24 pages

Homicide and Psychosis

chapter 22|25 pages

The Role of Psychopathy in Homicide among Juveniles

A Review of the Research

chapter 23|17 pages

Sexual Homicide

Does Anything Matter Beyond Sexual Sadism?

part 4|230 pages

Homicide and the Criminal Justice System

chapter 25|35 pages

Juvenile Homicide Offending

First-Time Offense or Escalation of Criminal Offending?

chapter 31|36 pages

Prison Homicide

part 5|114 pages

Professional Observations

chapter 33|29 pages

Juvenile Homicide Offenders

Do They Become More Responsible over Time?

chapter 34|20 pages

Cold Case Homicide

Trends, Challenges, and Context

chapter 35|32 pages

Homicide and Death Investigation

chapter 37|11 pages

The Normal and the Pathological