This book brings together essays by established and emerging scholars that discuss Pakistan, Turkey, and their diasporas in Europe. Together, the contributions show the scope of diverse artistic media, including architecture, painting, postcards, film, music, and literature, that has responded to the partitions of the twentieth century and the Muslim diasporas in Europe.

Turkey and Pakistan have been subject to two of the largest compulsory population transfers of the twentieth century. They have also been the sites for large magnitudes of emigration during the second half of the twentieth century, creating influential diasporas in European cities such as London and Berlin. Discrimination has been both the cause and result of migration: while internal problems compelled citizens to emigrate from their countries, blatant discriminatory and ideological constructs shaped their experiences in their countries of arrival. Read together, the Partition emerges from the essays in Part I not as a pathology specific to the Balkans, Middle East, or South Asia, but as a central problematic of the new political realities of decolonization and nation formation. The essays in Part II demonstrate the layered histories and multiple migration paths that have shaped the experiences of Berliners and Londoners.

This analysis furthers the study of modernism and migration across the borders of, not only the nation-state, but also class, race, and gender. As a result, this book will be of interest to a broad multidisciplinary academic audience including students and faculty, artists, architects and planners, as well as non-specialist general public interested in visual arts, architecture and urban literature.

chapter |16 pages


Migration and Discrimination

part I|91 pages

Two Partitions

chapter 2|10 pages

Living on Another Displacement's Ruins

Adana's Döşeme Neighborhood in Turkey

chapter 3|10 pages

6–7 September 1955–ongoing

Discrimination, Dispossession, and Practices of Memory and Survival

chapter 4|7 pages

Homogenizing the Border

Kars after the Pogrom of 1955

chapter 5|7 pages

1960s Tax Law and Non-Muslim Exodus from Istanbul

Turkification of the City

chapter 8|9 pages

“He never said that you leave for ever”

South Asian Partition and Film Migration to Pakistan

chapter 9|8 pages

The Perpetual Mohajirs

Leon Henrard's Report on Pakistan's Future

part II|95 pages

Two Diasporas

chapter 13|6 pages

Migrants and Muses

Güney Dal's First Novel Attracts Little Attention When Published in German Translation

chapter 16|7 pages

Be/longing Berlin

Remembering Futures in Migration

chapter 18|10 pages

Rasheed Araeen

An Aesthetics of Resistance

chapter 19|8 pages

The Cinema of Hanif Kureishi

My Beautiful Laundrette (1985)

chapter 20|15 pages

Fun^Da^Mental's “Jihad Rap”