This volume presents a diverse range of expertise and practical advice on corpus-assisted language learning, bridging the gap between corpus research and actual classroom practice.

Grounded in expert discussions and interviews, the book offers an extensive exploration into the intricacies of corpus-based language pedagogy, addressing its challenges, benefits, and potential drawbacks while demonstrating the power of data-driven learning (DDL) tools, including AntConc, WordSmith Tools, and CorpusMate. The book navigates the complexities of integrating DDL into mainstream educational systems, showcasing real-world applications for teaching. The authors bring together cutting-edge, international perspectives on this topic in dialogue with those using such techniques in their classroom practice.

Both a rigorous academic resource and a hands-on guide for practitioners, this book is recommended reading for educators, researchers, or anyone wanting to upskill themselves in learning to harness the power of data in language pedagogy in primary, secondary, tertiary, or other professional contexts.

chapter 1|8 pages

Bridging the Research-Practice Divide for Data-Driven Learning

Introduction to the volume

chapter 4|16 pages

Data-Driven Learning

In conversation with Alex Boulton

chapter 7|9 pages

Extensive Reading and Viewing for Vocabulary Growth

Corpus insights

chapter 10|11 pages

On the Perils of Linguistically Opaque Measures and Methods

Toward increased transparency and linguistic interpretability

chapter 13|13 pages

Corpus-Based Language Pedagogy for Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers

Theory, practice, and research