This book is a collection of selected high-quality research papers presented at the 4th International Conference on Evidence-Based Management (ICEBM) 2023, held at Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, Rajasthan, India, during February 24–25, 2023. It has 76 chapters written by various scholars focusing on evidence-based management practices in different functional areas of management with the application of theory and empirical techniques.

This book will be helpful to practitioners, academics, scholars, and policymakers.

part I|186 pages

Evidence Based Financial Management

chapter 1|8 pages

Insurance Buying Motives for Sustainable Financial Goals

ByVijaykumar Dhannur, Shubham Mohan Kusane

chapter Chapter 2|9 pages

Fintech Payments as a Facilitator of Value Co-Creation—A Theoretical Framework

BySaumya Singh, Antora Dutta

chapter Chapter 4|10 pages

Empirical Investigation of Heckscher Ohlin Theory on India's Foreign Trade

ByShri Prakash, Sonia Anand Dhir

chapter Chapter 5|6 pages

Indicators of Risk Management in Banking Sector Banking Sector

ByGaganpreet Kaur

chapter Chapter 7|13 pages

Determinants of Working Capital Efficiency of Indian MSME's: An Empirical Evidence

ByDeepak Kumar Tripathi, Saurabh Chadha

chapter Chapter 8|9 pages

Financial Inclusion and Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana: Evidence From Durg District

ByAnkita Tripathi, Ravish Kumar Soni, Rajkumar

chapter Chapter 9|12 pages

Comparative Analysis of the Financial Structures of Germany and Japan

ByNikkita Gupta

chapter Chapter 10|6 pages

Effects of Digitisation on Banknote Durability

ByArunima Asthana, Tanmoy Kr Banerjee, Shubhamoy Dey

chapter Chapter 11|10 pages

Assessing Investment Attractiveness—Developing Economies Perspective

ByLeena Ajit Kaushal

chapter Chapter 12|8 pages

Sustainable FDI Inflows in Emerging Economies-Indian Perspective

ByLeena Ajit Kaushal

chapter Chapter 14|9 pages

The Impact of Cryptocurrency on the Growth Prospect of Indian Economy

ByV. Rithul, Varnita Srivastava

chapter Chapter 17|7 pages

Impact of Bitcoin Price on the Energy Consumption and Further Estimating its Carbon Footprint

ByNishant Sapra, Imlak Shaikh

chapter Chapter 18|7 pages

Causality between Defense Expenditure and Economic Growth in India

ByPrashant Ishwarlal Vadikar, Imlak Shaikh

chapter Chapter 19|8 pages

A Study on Financial Literacy amongst the Rural and Urban Area of Surat District

ByVijaykumar Gondaliya, Nisarg Shah

chapter Chapter 20|7 pages

Portfolio Management Using OPM% Based Dynamic Allocation Strategy

ByDeepak Sharma

chapter |7 pages

Chapter 21 A Brief Appraisal on Tourism Finance Corporation of India

ByKurma Sankara Rao

chapter Chapter 22|12 pages

Bibliometric Analysis of Behavioral Finance with VOSviewer: Last Twenty-Five Year

ByGirish Garg, Seema Thakur

part II|88 pages

Evidence Based Human Resource Management

chapter Chapter 23|8 pages

Changing Paradigms in Training Methods: A Bibliometric Review

ByA. Naga Ramani, Jayashree Mahesh

chapter Chapter 26|8 pages

An Integrative Framework of Employees' Flourishing-at-work

ByMeera Peethambaran, Mohammad Faraz Naim, Saurabh Sugha

chapter Chapter 27|6 pages

Does Learning Enhance the Psychological Well-Being of Employees at Work? A Pilot Exploration

ByAnurag Chadha, Raina Chhajer

chapter Chapter 29|9 pages

Dark Tetrad and Work-Life Balance: A Case Study on Married Doctoral Students

ByAkash Dubey, Rajneesh Choubisa, Jerin V. Philipose

chapter Chapter 30|7 pages

Academic Adjustment and Gratitude in College Students: A First-Hand Evidence from a Psychological Perspective

ByJerin V Philipose, Akash Dubey, Rajneesh Choubisa

chapter Chapter 31|11 pages

Work Environment: A Review of Established Scales from 50 Years of Literature

ByShipra Pandey, Jayashree Mahesh

chapter Chapter 32|11 pages

Role Stressors and Burnout: Examining the Mediating Role of Rumination

ByNidhi S. Bisht, Arun Kumar Tripathy

part III|126 pages

Evidence Based Marketing Management

chapter Chapter 34|8 pages

Social Media Influencer as a Winning Strategy for Influencing Purchasing Decision of Teenage Segment

ByNidhi, Preeti Thakur, Rakesh Kumar Gupta

chapter Chapter 35|13 pages

Interaction Behavior of Customers in Viral Marketing: An Analysis of its Impact on Customer Opinions

ByAmrit Kaur, Harmeen Soch, Sunpreet Kaur

chapter Chapter 36|10 pages

Talking the Walk: Conceptualizing Antecedents and Consequences of Greenhushing

ByAnand Thakur, Kavita Singla, Kamini Singla

chapter Chapter 37|9 pages

A Bibliometric Review of Greenwashing Research by Using Co-occurrence Analysis and Bibliographic Coupling

BySakshi Goyal, Harshika Sondhi, Praveen Goyal

chapter Chapter 38|8 pages

Marketing Metrics and Advertisement Campaign Budget: A VECM Approach

ByNarasimhan R. Venkat, Udayan Chanda, Yashvardhan Sharma

chapter Chapter 39|9 pages

An Analytical Study on Green Skin Care Products: Impact on Consumer Purchase Intention

ByAnu Grover, Kumar T. Hareesh

chapter Chapter 40|8 pages

An Analytical Study on the Usage of Debit Card and Credit Card in Indian Economy

ByRuchi Gupta, W. Ramana Rao, Muskan Diwan

chapter Chapter 41|11 pages

Experiential Perspective and Technology Adoption of Digital Educational Ecology Amid Pandemic Context

ByVirendra Singh Nirban, Tanu Shukla, Mounika Prashanthi Vavilala

chapter Chapter 42|8 pages

Impact of Seed Type and Fertilizer on Pearl Millet Yield: A Descriptive Study in Selected Districts of Rajasthan

ByNikita Dhankar, Srikanta Routroy, Satyendra Kr Sharma

chapter Chapter 43|8 pages

Adoption and Usage of the Electronic National Agriculture Market: A Literature Review

ByNirankush Dutta, Udayan Chanda, S. R. Singh

chapter Chapter 44|7 pages

Agro-tourism: A Literature Review

ByPraveen Goyal, Saurabh Chadha, S. R. Singh

chapter Chapter 45|9 pages

Performance of Farmer Producer Organisations in Rajasthan: An Empirical Assessment

ByKrishna Muniyoor, Sabhya Yadav, Rajan Pandey, Satyendra Kumar Sharma, Srikanta Routroy

chapter Chapter 46|9 pages

Greenwash Perception and Sustainable Consumer Purchase Behaviour

ByBharti Ramtiyal, Paras Garg, Gunjan Soni

part IV|170 pages

Evidence Based Operations and Information Management

chapter Chapter 47|6 pages

Retailer's Ordering Policy Under Influence of Inflation and Dynamic Potential Market Size in a Supply Chain System

ByAlok Kumar, Jitendra Kumar Das, Udayan Chanda

chapter Chapter 48|14 pages

Designing a Robust Supply Chain Model for the Distribution of—‘COVAXIN’

ByAnkur Roy, Imlak Sheikh, Satyendra K. Sharma

chapter Chapter 49|9 pages

Identification and Extraction of Retailer's Expectations in the Last-Mile Delivery

ByKrishna Veer Tiwari, Leela Rani, Satyendra Kumar Sharma

chapter Chapter 50|8 pages

Supply Risk Indicators to Assess Location and Environmental Risk

ByAnkur Roy, Imlak Shaikh, Satyendra K. Sharma

chapter Chapter 51|13 pages

An Indian Approach to AI Policy: A Comparative Study Between Three Sectors

ByAnand R. Navaratna, Deepak Saxena

chapter Chapter 52|10 pages

CTR Prediction: A Bibliometric Review of Scientific Literature

ByArti Jha, Yashvardhan Sharma, Udayan Chanda

chapter Chapter 53|7 pages

An Investigation into Understanding Consumer Opinion About Adoption of Electric Vehicles Using Machine Learning

ByPooja, Abhishek Tripathi, Yatish Joshi

chapter Chapter 54|9 pages

Click-Through Rate: An Overview of Scientific Research in Management

ByNarasimhan R. Venkat, Udayan Chanda, Yashvardhan Sharma

chapter Chapter 55|7 pages

Consumer's Safety Concerns on Fire Hazards and Readiness of Electric Vehicle Batteries in India

ByVikash Joshi, Payal Phulwani

chapter Chapter 56|8 pages

Purchasing Managers' Index

ByImlak Shaikh

chapter Chapter 57|9 pages

Food Waste Management in BITS Pilani

ByUjjwal Aggarwal, Arkya Aditya

chapter Chapter 58|11 pages

Assessment of EVs Adoption in India Using AHP-BWM Approach

BySudhanshu Ranjan Singh, Abhijeet K. Digalwar, Srikanta Routroy

chapter Chapter 59|13 pages

Identification and Analysis of Health Parameters for the Development of a Mobile App and Sensor Based Wearable Health Band

ByMayuri Digalwar, Dinesh Tundalwar, Rashmi Pandhare, Abhijeet Digalwar

chapter Chapter 60|6 pages

Risk Propagation Modelling for Agri-Food Supply Chain: An Indian Perspective

ByKhalid Hussain Ansari, Srikanta Routroy, Shailender Singh, Krishna Muniyoor

chapter Chapter 61|9 pages

Impact of External Risk Factors on Indian Road Construction Supply Chain Performance

ByAnubhav Tiwari, Prasanta K. Sahu, Shailender Singh, Srikanta Routroy

chapter Chapter 62|10 pages

Analysis of Impetus for Formal E-Waste Management System in India

ByVarun Kumar, Om Ji Shukla, Saurabh Tripathi

chapter Chapter 63|12 pages

Long Term Business Planning to Mitigate Ill-effects of Natural Calamities

ByRajkumar Sharma, Satyendra Kumar Sharma

chapter Chapter 64|7 pages

Analyzing the Impact of Agri Supply Chain Management Strategies on Farmers' Incomes

ByC. V. Sunil Kumar, M. L. N. Rao

part V|118 pages

Evidence Based Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

chapter Chapter 65|12 pages

Winner-Take-All Strategy in Digital Platform Market: A Theoretical Exposition

ByShatakshi Bourai, Neetu Yadav, Rahul Arora

chapter Chapter 67|6 pages

Sustainability Practices: A Case Study of State Bank of India

ByYatisha Kalia

chapter Chapter 68|11 pages

Value Appropriation in Inter-firm Coopetitive Alliances: Case of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

ByRoopesh Kumar, Anil Bhat, Neetu Yadav

chapter Chapter 69|9 pages

DIVA'S of Enterprise: A Study of Constraining Factors Affecting Women Entrepreneurs in India

ByKirti Malik, Pooja Yadav, Sonam Sachdeva, Harshika Sondhi

chapter Chapter 70|9 pages

Bibliographic Analysis and Strategic Management Research in India

ByB. S. Rathore, Nardeep Kumar Maheshwari, Sunita Verma

chapter Chapter 74|11 pages

Evidential Insights: Factors Affecting Higher Education Readiness

ByTanu Shukla, Virendra Singh Nirban, Deepanjana Chakraborty

chapter Chapter 75|8 pages

Choice of Expansion Modes: A Capabilities Perspective

ByArun Kumar Tripathy

chapter Chapter 76|12 pages

ESG Disclosures and Firm Performances—Evidence from India Inc.

ByTulika Bal, Ashutosh Dash