Music education has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Whereas lessons were once characterised by their passivity, children now learn about music through actively engaging in it by performing, composing, listening and appraising. This reader places music education in context and then goes on to examine a range of issues linked to the teaching and learning of music. The latter half of the book concentrates on music education within the classroom, highlighting the kinds of points which all teachers of music will have to consider.

Introduction Ways of Thinking about Music Gary Spruce Part 1: Music Education in Context 1. Onward from Butler Bernarr Rainbow 2. Music Education before the National Curriculum Keith Swanwick Part 2: Teaching and Learning Music 3. The Developmental Psychology of Music: Scope and Aims David Hargreaves 4. Music Education and the Natural Learning Model Margaret Barrett N 5. In Search of a Child's Musical Imagination Robert Walker 6. Creativity as Creative Thinking Peter Webster 7. Creativity and Special Needs: A Suggested Framework for Technology Applications David Collins 8. Musical Development in the Primary Years Janet Mills Part 3: Issues in Music Education 9. Gender, Musical Meaning and Education Lucy Green 10. Music With Emotionally Disturbed Children Yvonne Packer 11. Music Education and a European Dimension Janet Hoskyns 12. Concepts of World Music and their Integration within Western Secondary Music Education Jonathon P.J.Stock 13. Assessment in the Arts: Issues of Objectivity Gary Spruce Part 4: Music Education and the Classroom 14. Music Education as I see it: A Report of an Interview with a Seventeen Year Old Student Concerning His Music Education George Odam 15. Classroom Management for Beginning Music Educators Margaret Merrion 16. RX for Technophobia Kurt Kassner 17. MIDI-assisted Composing in your Classroom Sam Reese 18. Putting Listening First: A Case of Priorities Philip Priest 19. Designing a Teaching Model for Popular Music Peter Dunbar-Hall 20. Classroom Improvisation Derek Bailey 21. Instrumental Teaching as Music Teaching Keith Swanick Part 5: Music Education Research 22. Some Observations on Research and Music Education Keith Swanick