First published in 1989, Party Ideology in Britain presents an approach to the study of British politics which is distinctive in its focus on political ideas, rather than on the more familiar organizational basis of party politics. It sets out to explore what the major political traditions in Britain stand for, both in terms of general ideas and in relation to key policy areas. The contributors examine the nature of political ideology in Britain in the period since 1945, as revealed by the party system, and discuss the way in which general ideological positions have been related to policy and practice. Each of the major national party traditions is examined, showing how contemporary party thinkers have sought to apply and adapt the historic principles of their parties in the face of social change, economic problems and international developments. This book will be of interest to students of political science and history.

chapter Chapter one|20 pages

Introduction: Left, Right, and Centre

part One|81 pages

Parties and Ideologies

chapter Chapter two|26 pages

The Left: The Ideology of the Labour Party

chapter Chapter three|25 pages

The Right: The Conservative Party and Conservatism

chapter Chapter four|28 pages

The Centre: Social Democracy and Liberalism

part two|114 pages

Ideologies and Policies

chapter Chapter five|23 pages

Social Policy

chapter Chapter six|28 pages

Economic and Industrial Policy

chapter Chapter seven|28 pages

Foreign and Defence Policy

chapter Chapter eight|22 pages

The Constitution

chapter Chapter nine|11 pages

Endpiece: Ideological Politics Now