Space tourism has become extremely significant in recent times, especially in pursuance of the new space race among corporate giants such as Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX. Each of these corporate giants has already booked thousands of space enthusiasts for a journey to outer space. Given this wide interest of private space players, space tourists as well as countries in space tourism, it is imperative to understand the legal issues involved in space tourism. This book presents important discussions in the domain of space tourism and its legal implications across the globe. It attempts to find solutions to various challenges like safety and security in space, status of space tourists during emergencies, liability aspects, environmental protection, etc., faced during the recent spurt of space tourism. It also discusses the role of insurance in space tourism, various crimes possible in outer space with the rise of space tourism, the mechanisms for adjudication of such crimes, the aspect of quarantining space tourists, the need to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of space and other topics, besides examining the contemporary legal and policy-oriented issues of privatisation of space.

A must read for scholars and researchers of law, space science, history and other fields who are interested in the space race and outer space law, this book will also be of interest to those exploring space studies, political studies, environmental studies and political economy. It will be useful for policymakers, bureaucrats, think tanks as well as interested general readers looking for fresh perspectives on the future of space

chapter 1|15 pages

Space Tourism

Outlining the Legal Issues

chapter 2|12 pages

The Kármán Line Controversy and Boundaries of Outer Space

Implications for Space Tourism

chapter 6|30 pages

State Responsibility and Space Tourism

Customary Principles as Modified by Article VI of the Outer Space Treaty

chapter 11|20 pages

Space Tourism

Possible Crimes and Their Adjudication

chapter 13|20 pages

Space Tourism

Learning from the Antarctic Experience