This book documents the changing nature and challenge of regional development in Britain and Ireland in the final decade of this century. In the first half of this book, region-by-region profiles review the experience of the eighties and reflect on the present climate, assessing problems and opportunities. The second half provides 25 commentaries on changes influencing the development of regions from questions of industry, technology and employment to the impact of national policy and 1992, and the prospects and capacity for regional policy and development.

part I|12 pages


chapter 1|12 pages

Changing Trends and Pressures in Regional Development

ByRon Martin, Peter Townroe

part II|111 pages

Regional Profiles

chapter 2|24 pages

Southern England

ByRon Martin, Peter Townroe

chapter 2.1|8 pages

The South East

ByAndrew Church, Ian Cundell, Michael Hebbert, Andrew McCoshan, Derek Palmer, Ricardo Pinto, Al Rainnie, John Sellgren, Peter Wood

chapter 2.2|7 pages

East Anglia

ByPeter Townroe

chapter 2.3|9 pages

The South West

ByPeter Gripaios, Paul Bishop

chapter 3|19 pages

The Midlands

ByRon Martin, Peter Townroe

chapter 3.1|10 pages

The East Midlands

ByClive La Court

chapter 3.2|9 pages

The West Midlands

ByMichael Marshall

chapter 4|29 pages

Northern England

ByRon Martin, Peter Townroe

chapter 4.1|8 pages

Yorkshire and Humberside

ByChristine Leigh, John Stillwell

chapter 4.2|11 pages

The North West

ByM. Clark, D. Gibbs, E.K. Grime, C.M. Law

chapter 4.3|10 pages

The Northern Region

ByRon Martin, Peter Townroe

chapter 5|20 pages

The Celtic Nations

ByRon Martin, Peter Townroe

chapter 5.1|11 pages


ByR. Ross Mackay

chapter 5.2|9 pages


ByM. Danson, M.G. Lloyd, D. Newlands

chapter 6|19 pages


ByRon Martin, Peter Townroe

chapter 6 6.1|10 pages

Northern Ireland

ByMark Hart, Richard T. Harrison

chapter 6 6.2|9 pages

The Republic of Ireland

ByJim Walsh

part III|91 pages

Dimensions of Regional Economic Development Industry, Technology and Employment

chapter 7|35 pages

Industrial Activity and the Regions

ByRon Martin, Peter Townroe

chapter 7.1|5 pages

Corporate Reorganisation in the Manufacturing Sector

ByH. D. Watts

chapter 7.2|8 pages

Overseas Inward Investment in the UK Regions

ByClive Collis

chapter 7.3|11 pages

New Firm Formation and Growth

ByColin Mason

chapter 8|26 pages

New Technologies and the Regions

ByRon Martin, Peter Townroe

chapter 8.2|6 pages

Patterns of Research and Development

ByJeremy Howells

chapter 8.3|5 pages

The Regional Dimension to the Adoption of Innovations

ByNeil Alderman, Alfred Thwaites

chapter 9|30 pages

Employment Trends and the Regions

ByRon Martin, Peter Townroe

chapter 9.1|6 pages

The Changing Mix of Occupations and Workers

ByA. E. Green

chapter 9.3|8 pages

The Urban/Rural Shift

ByA. R. Townsend, A. G. Champion

chapter 9.4|6 pages

Public Expenditure, Public Employment and the Regions

ByJ. Mohan

part IV|40 pages

The Regional Impact of National Policies

chapter IV 10|40 pages

Economic and Social Policy Developments

ByRon Martin, Peter Townroe

chapter IV 10 10.1|8 pages

Impact of Infrastructure Investment Policy

ByNigel Spence

chapter IV 10 10.2|14 pages

Recent Developments in Vocational Education and Training in the UK

ByMeredith Baker, Peter Elias

chapter IV 10 10.3|6 pages

Social Welfare as a Dimension of Regional Development

ByS. E. Curtis

chapter IV 10 10.4|6 pages

Social Policy Developments: Housing

ByM. P. Kleinman

chapter IV 10 10.5|6 pages

Health and Health Services

ByGraham Bentham

part V|45 pages

Policies for the Regions in the 1990s

chapter 11|45 pages

The Policy Context and Local Policy Capacities

ByRon Martin, Peter Townroe

chapter 11 11.1|9 pages

The Macro-Economic Context to the Regional Problem

ByGraham Gudgin

chapter 11 11.2|10 pages

1992 and Relations with the EEC

ByR. Ross Mckay

chapter 11 11.3|9 pages

Regional Problems and Policies: An Overview

ByJ. Taylor

chapter 11 11.4|6 pages

Regional Development Agencies in the United Kingdom

ByM. W. Danson, M. G. Lloyd, D. Newlands

chapter 11 11.5|6 pages

Urban Policy Initiatives: Trends and Prospects

ByPaul Lawless, Graham Haughton

chapter 11 11.6|5 pages

Emerging Constraints in the South East

ByMichael Breheny

part VI|5 pages


chapter VI 12|5 pages

Agenda for the Nineties

ByPeter Townroe, Ron Martin