First Published in 1987. Illustrates the argument that sexuality is not a `thing in itself' but a concept that can only be understood with reference to economic, political and social factors.

chapter |30 pages


ByPat Caplan

chapter 1|21 pages

Questions of identity

ByJeffrey Weeks

chapter 3|31 pages

Reason, desire, and male sexuality

ByVictor J. Seidler

chapter 4|30 pages

A note on gender iconography: the vagina

ByShirley Ardener

chapter 5|23 pages

Social and cognitive aspects of female sexuality in Jamaica

ByCarol P. MacCormack, Alizon Draper

chapter 10|25 pages

Celibacy as a solution? Mahatma Gandhi and Brahmacharya 1

ByPat Caplan