Psychology plays an increasingly important role in today's society. Its influence can be seen all around us - be it in the home, the workplace, the school or our private lives. A uniquely diverse discipline, it ranges from social psychology to biological aspects of behaviour, and from basic research to the applied professions. This Companion Encyclopedia covers all these main branches of psychological research and professional practice.

The thematic arrangement is the result of the Editor's extensive research into syllabi, from which he distilled the 13 most frequently taught units. Students can consult and be referred to sections relating to their lecture programme, and can find lucid definitions of frequently used terms in the Glossary. Headings and sub-headings are clearly highlighted at the beginning of each chapter - ideal for quick reference.

* Provides authoritative and in-depth reference material on all major branches of psychological research and professional practice
* Contributors include many of the world's most eminent psychologists
* Written in a lively style without assuming previous knowledge of the subject
* Structured according to the core topics appearing most often as discrete modules in contemporary psychology courses
* Detailed bibliographies, further reading sections, exhaustive index and glossary of technical terms
* Containing 165 supporting illustrations

part 1|2 pages


chapter 1.1|16 pages

What Is Psychology?

part 2|3 pages

Biological Aspects Of Behaviour

chapter 2.1|19 pages

Heredity And Behaviour Genetics

chapter 2.2|21 pages

Behavioural Ecology And Evolution

chapter 2.3|21 pages

The Nervous System And The Brain

chapter 2.4|24 pages

Sleep And Dreaming

chapter 2.5|20 pages


part 3|2 pages

Sensation And Perception

chapter 3.1|23 pages

Fundamental Processes In Vision

chapter 3.3|22 pages


chapter 3.4|27 pages

The Skin, Body, and Chemical Senses

chapter 3.5|28 pages


Edited ByDonald Laming

part 4|98 pages


chapter 4.1|21 pages


Edited ByAlan Baddeley

chapter 4.2|17 pages


chapter 4.3|19 pages


chapter 4.4|20 pages

Thinking and Reasoning

chapter 4.5|19 pages

Artificial Intelligence

Edited ByAlan Garnham

part 5|106 pages

Learning and Skills

chapter 5.1|18 pages

Classical and Operant Conditioning

chapter 5.2|18 pages

Applied Behaviour Analysis

chapter 5.3|19 pages

Cognitive Skills

chapter 5.4|20 pages

Motor Skills

chapter 5.5|29 pages

Social Skills

part 6|2 pages

Emotion And Motivation

chapter 6.1|21 pages


chapter 6.2|16 pages

Hunger And Appetite

chapter 6.3|20 pages

Social Motivation

chapter 6.4|18 pages

Sexual Motivation And Behaviour

chapter 6.5|21 pages

Stress And Coping

part 7|2 pages

Individual Differences And Personality

chapter 7.2|20 pages

The Construction Of Personality

chapter 7.3|19 pages

Trait Theories Of Personality

chapter 7.4|18 pages

Freudian Theories Of Personality

chapter 7.5|22 pages

Personality Tests