This is the first volume in the The New Rich in Asia series which examines the economic, social and political construction of the 'new rich' in the countries and territories of East and South East Asia, as well as their impact internationally. From a western perspective the rise of the emergent business and professional class may seem very familiar. However, it is far from clear that those newly enriched by the processes of modernization in East and South East Asia are readily comparable with the middle classes of the West. For example, civil and human rights seem to play a different role in social, political and economic change, and the State is clearly more central as an agent of economic development. This volume is the essential introduction to the series, and identifies the 'new rich' phenomenon in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The contributors demonstrate that the key to understanding the 'new rich' is to realise that they are neither a single category or class, but in each setting a series of different socio-political groups who have a common inheritance from the process of rapid economic growth.

chapter |16 pages

The new rich in Asia

Economic development, social status and political consciousness
ByRichard Robison, David S. G. Goodman

part |29 pages


part |29 pages


part |25 pages


chapter |23 pages

The middle class and the bourgeoisie in Indonesia

ByRichard Robison

part |31 pages

The Philippines

chapter |29 pages

The Philippines' new rich

Capitalist transformation amidst economic gloom
ByMichael Pinches

part |26 pages


chapter |24 pages

Emerging social forces in Thailand

New political and economic roles
ByKevin Hewison

part |21 pages

Hong Kong

chapter |19 pages

Hong Kong

Post-colonialism and political conflict
ByLo Shiu-Hing

part |21 pages

South Korea

chapter |19 pages

The new rich and the new middle class in South Korea

The rise and fall of the ‘golf republic'
ByJames Cotton, Kim Hyung-a van Leest

part |18 pages


chapter |16 pages


A fragmented ‘middle' class in the making
ByJ. J. Chu

part |20 pages


chapter |18 pages

The People's Republic of China

The party-state, capitalist revolution and new entrepreneurs
ByDavid S. G. Goodman