The failure to adequately respond on the part of the major Western superpowers to the atrocities in the Balkans constitutes a major moral and political scandal. In Genocide after Emotion Mestrovic and the contributors thoroughly interrogate the war, its media coverage and response in the West. The result is alarming, both for the progress of the war and for the condition of our society today: the authors argue that the West is suffering from a "postemotional" condition - we are beyond caring about anything anymore.

chapter 1|30 pages


ByStjepan G. Meštrović

chapter 2|20 pages

Ending the War and Securing Peace in Former Yugoslavia

ByPhilip J. Cohen

chapter 3|40 pages

The Serbo-Croatian War, 1991

ByNorman Cigar

chapter 4|22 pages

The Genesis of the Current Balkan War

BySlaven Letica

chapter 7|11 pages

Collective Punishment and Forgiveness

Judgments of post-communist national identities by the “civilized” West*
ByThomas Cushman

chapter 8|12 pages

Israel and Genocide in Croatia

ByIgor Primoratz

chapter |12 pages


ByStjepan G. Meštrović