This is Volume 10 of a collection of ten of the selected works of I.A. This volume presents a selection of contemporary criticism discussing those of Richards’ works published between 1919 and 1938.

chapter 1|4 pages

An Approach to Symbolism 1923

ByEdward Sapir

chapter 2|2 pages

Review of The Meaning of Meaning 1924

ByF. P. Ramsey

chapter 3|9 pages

Review of The Meaning of Meaning 1924

ByJ. R. Kantor

chapter 4|3 pages

The Meaning of Meaning 1924

ByJohn Dewey

chapter 5|5 pages

A Scientific Approach to Criticism 1925

ByConrad Aiken

chapter 6|8 pages

Review of Principles of Literary Criticism 1925

ByHerbert Read

chapter 7|4 pages

Review of Principles of Literary Criticism 1925

ByEdgell Rickword

chapter 8|6 pages

Review of Principles of Literary Criticism 1926

ByS. P. Waterlow

chapter 9|5 pages

‘Poetry and Reality' 1926

ByJ. Middleton Murry

chapter 10|3 pages

Review of Science and Poetry 1926

ByDouglas Garman

chapter 11|9 pages

The Meaning of Meaning 1926

ByBertrand Russell

chapter 12|4 pages

A Note on Poetry and Belief 1927

ByT. S. Eliot

chapter 13|11 pages

Some Aesthetic Theories of Mr Richards 1927

ByE. Helen Knight

chapter 14|6 pages

Literature, Science, and Dogma 1927

ByT. S. Eliot

chapter 15|4 pages

Belief 1929

ByT. S. Eliot

chapter 16|3 pages

Review of Practical Criticism 1929

ByJohn Gould Fletcher

chapter 17|6 pages

Poetry in the Laboratory 1929

ByAllen Tate

chapter 18|10 pages

John Middleton Murry and I. A. Richards 1930

ByGeoffrey West

chapter 19|11 pages

Review of Practical Criticism 1930

ByJames Burnham

chapter 20|11 pages

The New Criticism 1930

ByJohn Sparrow

chapter 21|3 pages

Technique in Criticism 1930

ByR. P. Blackmur

chapter 22|8 pages

O Miselle Passer! 1930

ByWilliam Empson

chapter 23|22 pages

What is Criticism? 1930

ByMontgomery Belgion

chapter 24|9 pages

Practical Criticism: A Reply to Mr Empson 1930

ByJohn Sparrow

chapter 25|24 pages

I. A. Richards' Psychology of Poetry 1931

ByMax Eastman

chapter 26|4 pages

Reply to John Sparrow 1931

ByWilliam Empson

chapter 28|5 pages

Mencius 1932

ByG. Lowes Dickinson

chapter 29|4 pages

Review of Mencius on the Mind 1932

ByD. W. Harding

chapter 30|5 pages

Mencius on the Mind with I. A. Richards' Reply 1932

ByArthur Waley

chapter 31|17 pages

T. S. Eliot the Modern Mind 1933

ByT. S. Eliot

chapter 32|6 pages

Review of Mencius on the Mind 1933

ByM. C. D’Arcy

chapter 33|15 pages

Evaluations: I. A. Richards 1933

ByD. W. Harding

chapter 34|4 pages

Reply To I. A. Richards' Review of The Literary Mind 1933

ByMax Eastman

chapter 35|3 pages

The Technique of Listening

ByKenneth Burke

chapter 36|6 pages

Reflections on ‘Fifteen Lines From Landor' 1933

ByCharles Mauron

chapter 37|7 pages

Review of The Meaning of Meaning and Mencius on the Mind 1933

ByA. K. Coomaraswamy

chapter 38|2 pages

Comments On ‘Fifteen Lines From Landor' 1933

ByBonamy Dobree

chapter 39|24 pages

‘T. S. Eliot: The Pseudo-Believer' 1934

ByWyndham Lewis

chapter 40|9 pages

Review of Mencius on the Mind 1934

ByR. D. Jameson

chapter 41|7 pages

From ‘Three Types of Poetry' 1934

ByAllen Tate

chapter 43|12 pages

Suggestions Towards a Theory of Value 1935

ByS. L. Bethell

chapter 44|22 pages

Dr Richards, Bentham and Coleridge 1935

ByF. R. Leavis

chapter 45|5 pages

Review of Coleridge on Imagination 1935

ByWilliam Empson

chapter 47|5 pages

Review of Coleridge on Imagination 1935

ByM. H. Abrams

chapter 48|16 pages

Four Notes on I. A. Richards' Aesthetic Theory 1935

ByEliseo Vivas

chapter 49|3 pages

Coleridge Rephrased 1935

ByKenneth Burke

chapter 50|15 pages

Dr Richards 1937

ByAlick West

chapter 51|21 pages

From Scepticism and Poetry 1937

ByD. G. James

chapter 52|8 pages

Advanced Verbal Education 1937

ByF. R. Leavis

chapter 53|6 pages

Review of The Philosophy of Rhetoric 1937

ByWilliam Empson

chapter 54|17 pages

A Psychologist Looks at Poetry 1938

ByJohn Crowe Ransom

chapter 55|11 pages

The Criticism of Meaning and the Meaning of Criticism 1938

ByAustin Warren

chapter 56|25 pages

I. A. Richards on the Art of Interpretation 1939

ByR. S. Crane