Too often accounts of African family life have tended to describe the family in purely static terms. The contributors to this book emphasize the developmental or time dimension of the family, analysing it as a process.
In the seven different societies described in East Africa, the Congo and the Transvaal the changing nature of the distribution of rights in the family property and resources is directly linked with the growth and change of the family itself.
First published in 1964.

chapter |33 pages


ByRobert F. Gray

chapter 1|27 pages

The Shambala Family

ByE. V. Winans

chapter 2|20 pages

The Gusii Family36

ByRobert A. LeVine

chapter 3|34 pages

Family and Lineage Among The Suku of The Congo

ByIgor Kopytoff

chapter 4|37 pages

Property and The Cycle of Domestic Groups in Taita

ByAlfred, Grace Harris

chapter 5|41 pages

Property, Cross-Cousin Marriage, and the Family Cycle Among the Lobedu72

ByEileen Jensen Krige

chapter 6|33 pages

The Arusha Family

ByP. H. Gulliver

chapter 7|32 pages

Sonjo Lineage Structure and Property

ByRobert F. Gray