Visualizing Theory is a lavishly illustrated collection of provocative essays, occasional pieces, and dialogues that first appeared in Visual Anthropology Review between 1990 and 1994. It contains contributions from anthropologists, from cultural, literary and film critics and from image makers themselves. Reclaiming visual anthropology as a space for the critical representation of visual culture from the naive realist and exoticist inclinations that have beleaguered practitioners' efforts to date, Visualizing Theory is a major intervention into this growing field.

part One|139 pages

The Ethinographic and the lpsographic

part Two|62 pages

Surrealism Vision, and Cultural Criticism

part three|227 pages

Modernity's Mediations The Scopic and the Haptic

chapter |12 pages

Paranoiac Space

chapter |10 pages

One-Legged Gender

chapter |8 pages

The Hand

chapter |11 pages

Films of Memory

part four|38 pages

Visualizmg Theory: “In Dialogue”

chapter |21 pages

Speaking Nearby

chapter |14 pages

Visualizing Theory

chapter |2 pages

Picture Cre dits