The Ecological Community offers important and previously unexplored responses to the environmental crisis. The premise of this volume, writes editor Roger Gottlieb, is that the environmental crisis challenges the presuppositions of--and creates a rich field of creative work in--philosophy, politics, and moral theory. These eighteen essays are fresh and compelling interrogations of the existing wisdom in a host of areas, including liberalism, communicative ethics, rights theory and environmental philosophy itself. Contributors : Avner de-Shalit, Gus diZerega, Roger S. Gottlieb, Eric Katz, Robert Kirkman, Andrew Light, Brian Luke, David Macauley, Mark A. Michael, Carl Mitcham, John O'Neill, Holmes Rolston III, David Schlosberg, William Throop, Steven Vogel, Mark I. Wallace, Peter S. Wenz, Michael E. Zimmerman.

part 1|135 pages

Environmental Challenges for Political Theory and Philosophy

chapter 4|26 pages

Empathy, Society, Nature, and the Relational Self

Deep Ecology and Liberal Modernity

chapter 6|32 pages

Be-wildering Order

On Finding a Home for Domestication and the Domesticated Other

part 2|89 pages

Environmental Theory and Moral Questions

chapter 7|24 pages

A Sleepless Ethicist and Some of His Acquaintances

Including the Monoculturalist, the Poetic Naturalist, the Very Famous Biologist, the Happy Scientist, and a Few Heroic Antimodernists

chapter 8|12 pages

Imperialism and Environmentalism

chapter 9|18 pages

Habermas and the Ethics of Nature

chapter 10|15 pages

The Problem of Knowledge in Environmental Thought

A Counterchallenge

part 3|153 pages

Struggle Up Close

chapter 12|26 pages


A Threat to American Environmentalism?

chapter 14|22 pages

Challenging Pluralism

Environmental Justice and the Evolution of Pluralist Practice

chapter 17|26 pages

Solidarity Across Diversity

A Pluralistic Rapprochement of Environmentalism and Animal Liberation

chapter 18|21 pages

The Sustainability Question