Contributors examine white feminist theology's misappropriations of Native North American women, Chinese footbinding, and veiling by Muslim women, as well as the Jewish emancipation in France, the symbolic dismemberment of black women by rap and sermons, and the potential to rewrite and reclaim canonical stories.

chapter |38 pages


ByLaura E. Donaldson, Kwok Pui-lan

part |82 pages

Challenging Feminist Religious Discourse

chapter |21 pages

The Breasts of Columbus

A Political Anatomy of Postcolonialism and Feminist Religious Discourse
ByLaura E. Donaldson

chapter |20 pages

Unbinding Our Feet

Saving Brown Women and Feminist Religious Discourse
ByKwok Pui-lan

chapter |18 pages

Sartorial Fabric-ations

Enlightenment and Western Feminism
ByMeyda Yeğenoğlu

chapter |21 pages

Postcoloniality, Feminist Spaces, and Religion

ByMusa W. Dube

part |78 pages

Rethinking Texts and Traditions

chapter |19 pages

The Prostitute's Gold

Women, Religion, and Sanskrit in One Corner of India
ByLaurie L. Patton

chapter |19 pages

Multiple Critique

Islamic Feminist Rhetorical Strategies
ByMiriam Cooke

chapter |19 pages

Letting Go of Liberalism

Feminism and the Emancipation of the Jews
ByLaura Levitt

chapter |19 pages

Body, Representation, and Black Religious Discourse

ByM. Shawn Copeland