The first systematic attempt to introduce a full range of Japanese scholarship on the agrarian history of British India to the English-language reader. Suggests the fundamental importance of an Asian comparative perspective for the understanding of Indian history.

chapter 1.2|29 pages

Internal Forces of Change in Agriculture: India and Japan Compared 1

ByKaoru Sugihara, Haruka Yanagisawa

chapter 2|69 pages

The Mirasi System and Local Society in Pre-Colonial South India 1

ByTsukasa Mizushima

chapter 3|53 pages

The Peasantry of Northern Bengal in the Late Eighteenth Century1

ByShinkichi Taniguchi

chapter 4.2|11 pages

A Comparison with the Japanese Experience

ByHaruka Yanagisawa

chapter 5|30 pages

Regional Pattern of Land Transfer in Late Colonial Bengal 1

ByNariaki Nakazato

chapter 6.1|31 pages

Famines, Epidemics and Mortality in Northern India, 1870-1921 1

ByKohei Wakimura

chapter 6.2|9 pages

Famines and Epidemics: A Comparison between India and Japan

ByOsamu Saito

chapter 7.2|9 pages

Technology of the Indian Sugar Industry From an International Perspective

ByPeter Robb, Kaoru Sugihara, Haruka Yanagisawa

chapter 8|39 pages

Situating the Malabar Tenancy Act, 1930 1

ByToshie Awaya