Giving an overview of the origins and history of the Cold War, this work considers whether the Cold War is truly over, and what the effects have been on Europe, and the former Soviet Union, as well as US foreign policy.

chapter |12 pages

A World Transformed?

ByDavid Armstrong, Erik Goldstein

chapter |14 pages

The Study of Cold War Origins

ByGeoffrey Warner

chapter |11 pages

The Cold War: The Historical Context

ByRichard Langhorne

chapter |14 pages

Ending the Cold War

ByGerald Segal

chapter |13 pages

Is the Cold War Over?

ByUri Ra’anan

chapter |16 pages

The Problem for United States Foreign Policy

ByJohn A. Thompson

chapter |17 pages

European Integration and the End of the Cold War

ByPierre-Henri Laurent

chapter |18 pages

The Military Aftermath of the Cold War

ByIan Clark

chapter |14 pages

The United Nations

ByAlan James

chapter |11 pages

A Chronology of the Cold War

ByErik Goldstein