National sovereignty, defined as a nation's right to exercise its own law and practise over its territory, is a cherished norm in the modern era, and yet it raises great legal, political and ethical dilemmas. This study looks at the problems created by international intervention.

part |24 pages

Theory and Humanitarian Intervention

chapter One|22 pages

Theory and Humanitarian Intervention

ByHoward Adelman

part |67 pages

Cognitive and Domestic Sources of Intervention

chapter Two|13 pages

Intellectuals without Borders

ByMichael Keren

chapter Three|16 pages

When is Intervention Likely?

ByArie Nadler

chapter Four|19 pages

Deciding whether to Intervene

ByDonald A. Sylvan, Jon C. Pevehouse

chapter Five|17 pages

The Media and International Intervention

ByAkiba Cohen

part |73 pages

Constraints and Consequences of Intervention

chapter Six|19 pages

The UN Experience in Modern Intervention

ByRüdiger Wolfrum

chapter Seven|12 pages

Intervention as a Challenge for the Military

ByGustav Däniker

chapter Eight|21 pages

Canadian Discourse on Peacekeeping

ByBarry Cooper

part |15 pages

Scholars Against Genocide

chapter Ten|13 pages

Scholars against Genocide

ByNeal Riemer