AIDS: Setting a Feminist Agenda" presents an overview of the important issues raised for feminist theory and practice by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and outlines the direction in which feminist debates about the subject are developing. It makes essential links between feminism and HIV/AIDS work, and not only demonstrates that AIDS is a feminist issue, but also suggests areas where feminism is long overdue. The essays discuss medical issues; the specific social and political impact of HIV/AIDS on the lives of women of colour, lesbians, injecting drug users and prostitute women; And Current Health Educational And Health Promotional Practice As It relates to women.; The volume is theoretical and practical - suggesting theoretical models for understanding and challenging the social factors which are conducive to the spread of HIV among women and among men, as well as offering models of good practice for working with and for women.

chapter |8 pages

Introduction Silences, Absences and Fragmentation

ByTamsin Wilton

section I|49 pages

HIV/AIDS and Women

chapter 1|19 pages

HIV and AIDS: Putting Women on the Global Agenda

ByLesley Doyal

chapter 2|12 pages

Women and HIV/AIDS: Medical Issues

ByJudy Bury

chapter 3|16 pages

AIDS: Issues for Feminism in the UK

ByDiane Richardson

section II|51 pages

The Disputed Body

chapter 4|19 pages

Desire, Risk and Control: The Body as a Site of Contestation

ByJanet Holland, Caroline Ramazanoglu, Sue Scott, Rachel Thomson

chapter 5|15 pages

Feminism and the Erotics of Health Promotion

ByTamsin Wilton

chapter 6|15 pages

Visible and Invisible Women in AIDS Discourses

ByJenny Kitzinger

section III|38 pages

Masculinities / Femininities

chapter 8|27 pages

Achieving Masculine Sexuality: Young Men's Strategies for Managing Vulnerability

ByJanet Holland, Caroline Ramazanoglu, Sue Sharpe, Rachel Thomson

section IV|47 pages

Live Issues for a Feminist Agenda

chapter 9|8 pages

Feminists, Prostitutes and HIV

ByKate Butcher

chapter 10|12 pages

Inclusions and Exclusions: Lesbians, HIV and AIDS

ByDiane Richardson

chapter 12|13 pages

Time for a Makeover? Women and Drugs in the Context of AIDS

BySheila Henderson