First Published in 1994. The growing interest in work of mentors within school-based initial teacher training courses in England and Wales is a phenomenon of the recent past. The development of innovative schemes within secondary education, such as the Oxford Internship scheme (Benton, 1990) generated a national debate about the nature of partnership between schools and higher education institutions, which the government joined when it introduced experimental forms of initial teacher education in the Licensed and Articled Teacher schemes (DES, 1988 and 1989). These were extensively school-based, and included both secondary and primary Mentor-like behaviour may come from many sources within a school, and the appointed mentor may engage in such unmentor-like activities as making formal summative assessments of students with career-shaping implications of 'passing' and 'failing'. This volume is an attempt to provide some illumination and indicate some of the central issues to be addressed. However, we hope that the following chapters will provide an informative base from which to launch research into these and other aspects of primary school student teacher mentoring, as well as being of value for those engaged in mentoring and mentor training.

chapter |5 pages


Edited ByRobin Yeomans, John Sampson

chapter Chapter 1|13 pages

The Rise and Rise of the Mentor in British Initial Teacher Training

ByJohn Furlong

chapter Chapter 2|13 pages

The Anatomy of a Development

ByJoan Stephenson

chapter Chapter 3|15 pages

Researching Mentors and Schools: Background, Methods and Contexts

ByIrene Wooldridge

chapter Chapter 4|15 pages

How Mentorship Happens: Evolving Procedures and Practices

ByPaul Frecknall

chapter Chapter 5|14 pages

Analyzing the Work of Mentors: The Role

ByJohn Sampson, Robin Yeomans

chapter Chapter 6|25 pages

Analyzing the Work of Mentors: Strategies, Skills and Qualities

ByJohn Sampson, Robin Yeomans

chapter Chapter 7|21 pages

Relationships: Mentors and Students

ByRobin Yeomans

chapter Chapter 8|17 pages

Relationships: Exploring the Web

ByRobin Yeomans

chapter Chapter 9|20 pages

Induction, Acculturation and Education in School-Based Initial Teacher Education

ByIrene Wooldridge, Robin Yeomans

chapter Chapter 10|15 pages

Being an Effective Mentor

ByRobin Yeomans

chapter Chapter 11|15 pages

Conditions for Effective Mentorship Within the School

ByJoan Stephenson, John Sampson

chapter Chapter 12|9 pages

Sustaining the Quality of Mentorship

ByJohn Sampson

chapter Chapter 13|15 pages

Implications for Primary School-Based Teacher Education

ByJohn Sampson, Robin Yeomans