A tribute and guide to M. Powell Lawton's groundbreaking work!

Dr. M. Powell Lawton, who died in January 2001, was arguably the most significant thinker, researcher, and practitioner in environment-behavior studies within the field of gerontology. The authors of Physical Environments and Aging represent three generations of internationally recognized researchers whose lives and work were greatly influenced by both Lawton the professional and Lawton the man. This book presents their assessment of his contributions to environmental theory, purpose-built housing, community study, long-term care settings, and other related topics. Many of the contributors also share personal anecdotes that illustrate how Lawton's professional visions were shaped by his remarkable intellect and personality.

Physical Environments and Aging examines many aspects of environmental gerontology, including:

  • housing policy reform and home modification
  • place therapy
  • philosophic foundations of environment-aging studies
  • the future of theory, practice, and policy in the field
  • the role of neighborhoods
More than just an homage, Physical Environments and Aging is also a practical guide to the field, offering you tractable theory, useful methods and measures, and functional research overviews in the realms of everyday experience of older adults.

chapter |4 pages


ByRick J. Scheidt, Paul G. Windley

chapter |16 pages

Vision and Values: M. Powell Lawton and the Philosophical Foundations of Environment-Aging Studies

ByGerald D. Weisman, Keith Diaz Moore

chapter |12 pages

Many Meanings of Community: Contributions of M. Powell Lawton

ByRick J. Scheidt, Carolyn Norris-Baker

chapter |18 pages

Powell Lawton's Contributions to Long-Term Care Settings

ByMargaret P. Calkins

chapter |20 pages

Quality of Life and Place-Therapy

ByHabib Chaudhury

chapter |12 pages

Advancements in the Home Modification Field: A Tribute to M. Powell Lawton

ByJon Pynoos, Christy Nishita, Lena Perelman

chapter |18 pages

Toward Measuring Proactivity in Person-Environment Transactions in Late Adulthood: The Housing-Related Control Beliefs Questionnaire

ByFrank Oswald, Hans-Werner Wahl, Mike Martin, Heidrun Mollenkopf