This significant contribution to comparative education presents an authoritative discussion of the recent changes in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The implementation of a democratic educational policy in Scandinavia has been affected by the dominance of the Protestant Church, mass immigration from Third World nations, a growing belief in rugged individualism, newfound respect for privatization and the market economy, and the increasing unemployment of the technical revolution. Education has been unable to adapt rapidly enough to meet the changing needs of this transformed Scandinavia. In this comprehensive collection of articles, contributors present their findings, thoughts and concerns for the Scandinavia of both the 90s and the future.



ByArild Tjeldvoll

part I|148 pages

The Scandinavian Setting

part II|73 pages

Reforms of the 1990s

chapter 8|22 pages

Restructuring Education in Sweden

ByGary Miron

chapter 10|27 pages

Upper Secondary School Reform in Norway

ByTh. Iván Anne-Lise

part III|130 pages

The Future

chapter 11|23 pages

The Future School Manager

ByKah Slenning

chapter 12|17 pages

The Comprehensive Schools in Norway: Challenged by a Changing Society

ByIçara da Silva Holmesland

chapter 13|37 pages

The Foes of Icelandic Vocational Education at the Upper Secondary Level

ByJon Torfi Jónasson