This edited volume reviews the conflict between economic prescriptions for improved education in the developing world and local cultures. Among the issues reviewed are: conceptions of culture and economics in development and education literature, economic considerations of school systems to promote cultural goals, the differentiation of schools from other sites of cultural reproduction, learning experiences of various cultural groups, and the cross-cultural work of development agencies.

part |77 pages

Part I Introduction

chapter |30 pages

Chapter 1 Development and Education

Cultural and Economic Analysis
ByAngela Little

chapter |15 pages

Chapter 2 Economics and Culture

Towards an Anthropology of Economics 1
ByR. L. Stirrat

chapter |19 pages

Chapter 3 Meanings of Culture in Development

A Case Study from Literacy
ByBrian V. Street

chapter |9 pages

Chapter 4 Different Eyes

Schooling and Indigenous Education in Tonga
ByKonai Helu-Thaman

part |61 pages

Part II The economic and cultural goals of development: whose goals matter?

chapter |13 pages

Chapter 5 Learning versus Development

A Palestinian Perspective
ByMunir Fasheh

chapter |16 pages

Chapter 6 Alternative Development and Education

Economic Interests and Cultural Practices in the Amazon
BySheila Aikman

chapter |29 pages

Chapter 7 Local Accountability to Rural Communities

A Challenge for Educational Planning in Africa
ByRobert Serpell

part |97 pages

Part III The Costs of Culture and the Culture of Costs

chapter |16 pages

Chapter 8 Language Policy in Ethiopian Education

Implications for the Costs of Textbook Production
ByChristine McNab, Peter Stoye

chapter |24 pages

Chapter 9 The Costs of Culture

Some Dilemmas for Educational Investment in Mauritius
ByKeith Lewin

chapter |20 pages

Community Financing of Education

Cultural Variations and Policy Dilemmas in Less Developed Countries
ByMark Bray

chapter |22 pages

Chapter 11 Educational Financing Strategies in Developing Countries

The Case of Cameroon and Uganda
ByMercy Tembon

chapter |13 pages

Chapter 12 Educating Girls in Pakistan

Tensions Between Economics and Culture
ByIffat Farah, Kazim Bacchus

part |105 pages

Part IV Cultures of Knowledge and Learning

chapter |22 pages

Chapter 14 Cultural Ambiguity and the Primary School Teacher

le>Lessons from Rural Mozambique
ByMikael Palme

chapter |17 pages

Chapter 15 Economic Imperatives and Cultural Discontinuities in Science Education

A View from the Solomon Islands
ByLowe John

chapter |12 pages

Chapter 17 Women and Mathematics

Ignoring a Majority?
ByMary Harris

chapter |17 pages

Chapter 18 Education, Social Identity, and Occupational Aspirations in Brazil

Reasons for (Not) Learning
ByTerezinha Nunes, Antonio Roazzi

part |50 pages

Part V Dilemmas for Educational Aid

chapter |23 pages

Chapter 19 Whose Rules Apply?

Educational Project Management in Less Developed Countries: Cultural Considerations
ByMichael Delens

chapter |24 pages

Chapter 20 Dilemmas Between Economics and Culture in Educational Aid

Lessons for Donors
ByFiona Leach