This edited volume reviews the long career of Russell Hoban, an American writer residing in England who writes for children and adults. The Forty Years in the title refers to the length of Hoban's career to date. Hoban's contribution specifically to children's literature is commemorated in this volume of essays by international scholars,

chapter |14 pages

Hoban's Street Performers

ByCarole Scott

chapter |17 pages

Monsters, Machines, and the Place of Chocolate Cake

Hoban's Picture Books
ByJamie Madden

chapter |10 pages

An Epistemology for Frances

ByMartin Teitel

chapter |24 pages

Toward Linearity

A Narrative Reading of The Mouse and His Child
ByMaria Nikolajeva

chapter |17 pages

Spring and Fall to a Young (Mouse) Child

A Blakean Reading of The Mouse and His Child
ByJames Addison

chapter |27 pages


A Comparative Study of the Novel and the Animated Feature Film The Mouse and His Child
ByJames Carter

chapter |4 pages

From the Temple of Solomon to Zionist Ironies

What The Mouse and His Child is Also About
ByStaffan Skott

chapter |9 pages

The Ponders; or Much-in-Little

Some Recurring Aspects of the Work of Russell Hoban
ByDennis Butts

chapter |7 pages

Russell Hoban as Seen from Germany

ByWinfred Kaminski

chapter |16 pages

The Way of The Trokeville Way

ByMargaret Bruzelius