Available as a single volume or part of the 10 volume set Supreme Court in American Society

chapter |35 pages

The Senate and Supreme Court Nominations: Some Reflections

ByJoel B. Grossman, Stephen L. Wasby

chapter |7 pages

Personnel Change and Policy Change on the U.S. Supreme Court 1

ByCharles A. Johnson

chapter |14 pages

The Supreme Court in Periods of Critical Realignment

ByWilliam Lasser

chapter |24 pages

Andrew Jackson and the Judiciary

ByRichard P. Longaker

chapter |31 pages

A Klansman Joins the Court: The Appointment of Hugo L. Black

ByWilliam E. Leuchtenburg

chapter |19 pages

LBJ and the Fortas Nomination for Chief Justice

ByJohn Massaro

chapter |18 pages

Bork and Beethoven

ByRichard A. Posner

chapter |12 pages

Presidential Appointments to the Supreme Court

ByWilliam H. Rehnquist

chapter |8 pages

Sexual Harassment *

ByDeborah L. Rhode

chapter |50 pages

The Supreme Court Appointment Process: A Search for a Synthesis

ByWilliam G. Ross

chapter |57 pages

The Justices of the Supreme Court: A Collective Portrait

ByJohn R. Schmidhauser

chapter |21 pages

The Appointment of Chief Justice Marshall

ByKathryn Turner

chapter |22 pages

The Defeat of Judge Parker: A Study in Pressure Groups and Politics

ByRichard L. Watson

chapter |8 pages

The Birth Order Oddity in Supreme Court Appointments

ByPaul J. Weber