Here is an exciting and stimulating book featuring expert evaluations and descriptions of current social work group practice with an overall focus on competence and values. The contributors give detailed information on group work theory, group structure, gender and race issues in group work, group work in health care settings, and the use of groups for coping with family issues that will be invaluable for all professionals in their daily practice. This thorough and inspiring overview of the state of the art in social group work today contains the published proceedings of a recent Symposium for the Advancement of Social Work With Groups.

chapter |16 pages

Social Work with Oppressed Populations

Jane Addams Won't You Please Come Home?
ByJudith A. B. Lee

part |63 pages

Group Work Theory

chapter |16 pages

Teaching and Learning the Practice of Social Group Work

Four Curriculum Tools
ByGeorge S. Getzel, Roselle Kurland, Robert Salmon

chapter |15 pages

Termination or Transformation? Evolving Beyond Termination in Groups

ByWilma L. Greenfield, Beulah Rothman

part |45 pages

Group Work Structure

chapter |16 pages

Practitioners' Views of Assets and Liabilities of Open-Ended Groups

ByMaeda J. Galinsky, Janice H. Schopler

chapter |14 pages

Single Session Group Practice in a Hospital

ByAlma R. Weisberg

chapter |13 pages

The Single-Session Waiting Room Group

ByBeverly Israel-Ikeman, Tryna Rotholz

part |22 pages

Gender and Race Issues in Group Work

chapter |20 pages

Exploring the Effects of Leader Gender and Race on Group Behavior

ByAaron M. Brower, Charles D. Garvin, Josephine Hobson, Beth Glover Reed, Harvey Reed

part |43 pages

The Use of Groups for Coping with Family Issues

chapter |13 pages

Caring for Caregivers of the Elderly

A Group Approach to Families Under Stress
ByAnn N. Blick, Carol Kovanda Peck

chapter |17 pages

Mothers and Daughters in Later Life

Rediscovery and Renegotiation: A Group Work Approach
ByEleanor Mallach Bromberg

chapter |9 pages

Structure and Dynamics of Family of Origin Groups

ByRobert L. Beck

part |29 pages

Group Work in Health Settings

chapter |13 pages

Volunteers and Group Work

The Hospice Volunteer as Model
ByJoan K. Parry, Florence S. Schwartz

chapter |13 pages

Group Work and Medical Education

ByAaron H. Beckerman