This set offers a wide range of primary source material spanning several centuries of religious experience in the United States. The material is grouped thematically and chronologically with a critical apparatus which includes a substantial introductory essay giving an overview of the subject, a chronology, and bibliographies.


Volume I: From the Beginning of European Settlement to the Effects of Political Independence


Colonists as a Chosen People

chapter 1

Good Newes from Virginia

ByAlexander Whitaker

chapter 2

Wonder Working Providence of Sion's Saviour

ByEdward Johnson

chapter 3

The Triumphs of the Reformed Religion in America

ByCotton Mather

chapter 5

The United States Elevated to Glory and Honor

ByEzra Stiles


The Covenant Idea

chapter 6

The Mayflower Compact

ByDavid Turley

chapter 7

The Charlestown Church Compact

ByDavid Turley

chapter 8

The Half-Way Covenant

ByDavid Turley


Church Organization, Discipline, and Dissent


Popular Beliefs

chapter 17

Remarkable Preservations

ByIncrease Mather

chapter 18

Sorcery 1695–1738

ByEzra Michener

chapter 19

An Astronomical Diary

ByNathaniel Ames

chapter 20

A Treatise on Magic

ByFrederick Quitman


Christianity and Native Americans


Christianity and African-Americans


Religious Pluralism: Growth and Tensions

chapter 30

Letters of Dutch Ministers from New Netherlands

ByJohannes Megapolensis, Samuel Drissius

chapter 31

The Charitable Samaritan, a Sermon

ByEzechiel Carré

chapter 32


ByEzra Michener

chapter 34

The Coming of the Acadians

ByThomas Hutchinson

chapter 35

The Diary of John Comer

ByJohn Comer

chapter 36

A Letter

ByConrad Beissel

chapter 37

Some Account of the Principles of the Moravians

ByGilbert Tennent


Colonial Anglicanism and Presbyterianism

chapter 41

Observations on the Charter and Conduct of the S. P. G.

ByJonathan Mayhew

chapter 42

A Review of Dr. Mayhew's Remarks

ByEast Apthorp

chapter 43

A Letter


chapter 44

Presbytery and School

ByDavid Turley

chapter 45

Problems of Growth

ByDavid Turley


The Great Awakening

chapter 46

The Great Awakening

ByJoseph Tracy

chapter 47

George Whitefield's Journals

ByGeorge Whitefield

chapter 49

The Late Religious Commotions in New England Considered

ByCharles Chauncy, William Rand

chapter 50

Confessions and Retractions

ByJames Davenport


Religion and Revolution

chapter 51

The Snare Broken

ByJonathan Mayhew

chapter 52

Religious Liberty an Invaluable Blessing

ByAmos Adams

chapter 54


ByEzra Michener

chapter 55

A Letter

ByCharles Incus

chapter 56

The Church's Flight into the Wilderness

BySamuel Sherwood


Some Effects of Revolution

chapter 58

Reason The Only Oracle of Man

ByEthan Allen

chapter 59

The Journal of Francis Asbury

ByFrancis Asbury


Volume II: Religion in the New Nation: Revolution to Reconstruction


The Separation of Church and State

chapter 61

Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom in Virginia

ByThomas Jefferson

chapter 62

A Memorial and Remonstrance

ByJames Madison

chapter 63

A Door Opened for Equal Christian Liberty

ByIsaac Backus

chapter 64

The Voluntary Principle

ByRobert Baird


The Development of Religious Rationalism

chapter 65

The Age of Reason

ByThomas Paine

chapter 67


ByΑ. Β. Grosch

chapter 68

Evidences of Christianity Concluded

ByAbner Kneeland


The Voluntary Principle in Operation

chapter 69

The Voluntary Principle Developed in Home Missions

ByRobert Baird

chapter 70

Sunday Schools and Other Societies

ByRobert Baird

chapter 71

The Baptists

ByF. A. Cox, J. Hoby


The Second Great Awakening and Revivals

chapter 72

Remarks upon Ministerial Education

ByCharles G. Finney

chapter 73

Account of a Revival

ByAndrew Reed, James Matheson

chapter 74


ByFrances Trollope

chapter 75

On Religous Meetings, Women and Reform

ByTheodore Weld

chapter 76

Revivals, &tc.

ByAn English Layman


Religion and Antebellum Reform

chapter 79

Letter on the Penitentiary System of Pennsylvania

ByRoberts Vaux

chapter 80

Religion and the Pure Principles of Morality

ByMaria W. Stewart

chapter 82

Diary Entry

ByThomas P. Cope

chapter 83

Letter to the Editor of the Christian Witness

ByWilliam Lloyd Garrison

chapter 84


ByJohn Humphrey Noyes

chapter 85

Discourse on Woman

ByLucretia Mott

chapter 86

From a Letter

ByElias Hicks


Outside the Protestant Mainstream

chapter 87


ByThomas Brown

chapter 88

The Matthias Delusion

BySojourner Truth

chapter 89

Second Advent Believers

ByΝ. Southard

chapter 90

The Secret of Swedenborg

ByHenry James

chapter 91

Latter Day Saints

ByJoseph Smith

chapter 92

The Mormon Religion

ByRichard Burton

chapter 93

Practical Religion

ByJames Talmage

chapter 94

Pioneers to Eternity: Norwegians on the Prairie

ByEugene Boe

chapter 95

Diary Entry

ByThomas P. Cope

chapter 96

The African Church

ByAndrew Reed, James Matheson


Religion and Romantic Culture

chapter 97

The Divinity School Address

ByRalph Waldo Emerson

chapter 98


ByHenry David Thoreau

chapter 99

Transcendental Wild Oats

ByLouisa May Alcott


Native American Religion

chapter 100

Recent Recollections of the Anglo-American Church

ByAn English Layman

chapter 102

The Doctine of the Ghost Dance

ByJames Mooney

chapter 103

The Sun Dance of the Hekandika Shoshone

ByE. Adamson Hoebel


Religion, The Civil War, and Reconstruction

chapter 104

Our National Sins

ByJames Thornwell

chapter 105

The Crisis of Our National Disease

ByHenry W. Bellows

chapter 106

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

ByJulia Ward Howe

chapter 108

The Church and Slavery

ByR. L. Stanton

chapter 110

The Marriage Ceremony

ByElizabeth Botume


Volume III: Modern American Religion since the late Nineteenth Century


Scene Setting: Urban Revivalism and Immigrant Religiosity

chapter 111

From Church to Opera House: A Change of Tactics

ByDelavan Leonard Pierson

chapter 112

The Reporter's Conversion

ByDwight L. Moody

chapter 113

The New Immigration: Churches

ByPeter Roberts


New Immigrants: Catholicism

chapter 114

American Priests for Italian Missions

ByJohn T. MacNicholas

chapter 115

The American Mission of Frances Xavier Cabrini

ByJames J. Walsh

chapter 116

The Poles

ByPeter Roberts

chapter 117


ByJosiah Strong

chapter 118

The Catholic Publication Society

ByWalter Elliott

chapter 119

Church, State and School

ByJoseph V. Tracy

chapter 120

The American Nationality

ByAnton Walburg

chapter 121

Testem Benevolentiae

ByPope Leo

chapter 122

The Church and the Republic

ByCardinal James Gibbons


New Immigrants: Judaism

chapter 123

The Spirit of the Ghetto

ByHutchins Hapgood

chapter 124

Living Judaism

ByLeo Jung

chapter 125

The Jewish Reform Movement in the United States

ByDavid Philipson

chapter 126

The Problem of Religious Education

BySolomon Schechter

chapter 127

The Duty of American Jews

ByLouis Lipsky

chapter 128

Palestinian or American Judaism?

ByKaufmann Kohler

chapter 129

This is my God

ByHerman Wouk


Religion in Urban Industrial Society

chapter 130


ByJosiah Strong

chapter 131

Accumulation of Riches

ByGerald Heuver

chapter 132

The Knights of Labor

ByCardinal James Gibbons

chapter 133

Social Realization of Democracy

ByGeorge D. Herron

chapter 134

What to Do

ByWalter Rauschenbusch

chapter 135

The Industrial Revolution

ByWashington Gladden

chapter 136

The Teaching of the Catholic Church

ByJohn Α. Ryan

chapter 137

Judaism and the Industrial Crisis

BySidney E. Goldstein

chapter 138

The Workingman's Alienation from the Church

ByH. Francis Perry

chapter 139

Great Central Parishes and their Neighborhood Ministries

ByRoss W. Sanderson


Moral Behaviour and Political Action: Religion and Prohibition

chapter 140

Messages to the Women's Christian Temperance Union

ByFrances E. Willard

chapter 141

Public Life and Social Reform

ByJames Cannon

chapter 142

The Church and Temperance

ByWalter Elliott

chapter 143

Pressure Politics: The Story of the Anti-Saloon League

ByPeter Odegard


Faith in a Changing World

chapter 144

The Gospel for an Age of Doubt

ByHenry Van Dyke

chapter 145

The Inspiration of the Bible

ByWilliam Jennings Bryan

chapter 146

Science and Religion

ByHarry Emerson Fosdick

chapter 147

The Kentucky Campaign against the Teaching of Evolution

ByAlonzo W. Fortune

chapter 148

The Social Gospel

ByJohn Horsch

chapter 150

Radicalism and Religious Disinterestedness

ByReinhold Niebuhr

chapter 151

A Fundamentalist Sermon by a Modernist Preacher

ByHarry Emerson Fosdick


New Thought and Therapeutic Religion

chapter 152

Science and Health

ByMary Baker Eddy

chapter 153

Christian Healing and the People's Idea of God

ByMary Baker Eddy

chapter 154

The New Alinement of Life

ByRalph Waldo Trine

chapter 155

Doorways to a New Life for You

ByNorman Vincent Peale, Smiley Blanton


Black Churches and Sects

chapter 156

The Function of the Negro Church

ByW. Ε. Β. Du Bois

chapter 157

The Changing Church

ByCharles S. Johnson

chapter 158

Middle Class Religion

ByHorace Cayton, Clair Drake

chapter 159

Hoodoo in America

ByZora Neale Hurston

chapter 161

The Moorish Science Temple

ByArthur Huff Pauset


Religion and Race Relations

chapter 162

Methodists' Opinions on Segregation

ByDwight L. Culver

chapter 163

Race and Racial Tension in the Church

ByT. Β. Maston

chapter 164

Pilgrimage to Nonviolence

ByMartin Luther King

chapter 165

The Voodoo Cult [Nation of Islam] among Negro Migrants in Detroit

ByErdmann Doane Beynon

chapter 166

The Black Revolution


chapter 167

Letters from Abroad


chapter 168

We are God's Chosen People

ByAlbert Β. Cleage

chapter 169

The Sources of Black Theology

ByJames H. Cone

chapter 170

Black Power

ByMartin Luther King


Eastern Religions in America

chapter 171

Japanese Buddhism in Hawaii

ByKiyoshi Κ. Kawakami

chapter 172

Institutional Religion and the Children of Asian Immigrants

ByWilliam Carlson Smith

chapter 173

What Vedanta Means to Me

ByDorothy F. Mercer

chapter 174

Beat Zen, Square Zen, Zen

ByAlan Watts

chapter 175

The Real Threat of the Moonies

ByHarvey Cox


Modern Evangelism, Radical and Conservative Christianity

chapter 176

We Need Revival

ByBilly Graham

chapter 177

Radio—'The Lengthened Reach'

ByTorrey Johnson, Robert Cook

chapter 178

Declaration at St. Louis of the Assemblies of God

ByWilliam W. Menzies

chapter 179

The People's Temple and Commitment to Change

ByJohn V. Moore

chapter 180

Consensus Society! Consensus Church?

ByPhilip Berrigan

chapter 181

Letter from a Baltimore Jail

ByPhilip Berrigan

chapter 182

Letter to the Weathermen

ByDaniel Berrigan

chapter 183

The Chicago Declaration, 1973

ByErling Jorstad

chapter 185

Jerry Falwell on Armageddon

ByGrace Halsell