First Published in 1992.  The reader of this volume will see how a decade of new work has remade ethnomedicine into one of the livelier and more promising domains of anthropology. Nicthter's encompassing redefinition of the relationship of ethnomedicine to medical anthropology and his critical comments that introduce each chapter are bound to provoke discussion and response over the years to come. - Arthur Kleinman, MD Harvard Medical School.

chapter |17 pages

The Efficacy of Ethnomedicine: Research Methods in Trouble

ByRobert Anderson

chapter |13 pages

An Epidemiological Description of a Folk Illness: A Study of Empacho in Guatemala

BySusan C. Weller, Trenton K. Ruebush, Robert E. Klein

chapter |23 pages

Discourse, Daño, and Healing in North Coastal Peru

ByBonnie Glass-Coffin

chapter |26 pages

Deciding How to Decide: Possession-Mediumship in Jalari Divination

ByCharles W. Nuckolls

chapter |21 pages

The Harp that Plays by Itself

ByChristopher C. Taylor

chapter |41 pages

The Production of Self and Body in Sherpa-Tibetan Society1

ByVincanne Adams

chapter |15 pages

Malay Medicine, Malay Person

ByCarol Laderman

chapter |16 pages

An Ayurvedic Theory of Cancer

ByMargaret Trawick

chapter |37 pages

Ethnomedidne: Diverse Trends, Common Linkages

ByMark Nichter