First Published in 1991. This is Volume 13 in a series of Transportation Studies. It contains 2 parts of the proceedings of a Conference held at Stockholmsmassan, Alvsjo, Sweden, 21-24 May 1989, organized by the Swedish Board of Transport in co-operation with the Department of Traffic Planning and Engineering, Lund Institute of Technology.

part |27 pages

Plenary Session I: Expected Changes: Society, Individual. Industrialized and Developing Nations

part |97 pages

Plenary Session II: Approaches – A State of the Art

chapter |9 pages

Towards Mobility as a Human Right: Sweden′s Policy on Mobility for the Disabled

Presentation at the 5th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons

chapter |12 pages

The Situation in Europe

part |7 pages

Plenary Session III: A Conference Summary of Workshop Sessions

part |17 pages

Plenary Session IV: Where to go for the Next Decade – Panel Discussion

part |16 pages

Session A: Political Perspectives and Policies

chapter |10 pages

The Voluntary Sector Contribution

chapter |11 pages

“Planning, Disabled to Enjoy Facilities and How to Fund Organisation Projects Presentation by Mr. Wycliffe Kepha Anyanzwa Amatekwa Chairman of the Above Named Society in Stockholm Sweden 21–4 May 1989.”

Kenya Society of the Physically Handicapped Person Submission of My paper On the fifty International Conference on Mobilitity and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons My Profession is Leather Work Technician

chapter |12 pages

Transport for Mobility Handicapped People

The Scottish Experience

part Session B|149 pages

Enhanced Mobility

chapter |7 pages

Improving the Mobility and Road Safety of Elderly People

(New Planning Strategies in Amsterdam)

part Session C|221 pages

Private Transportation

chapter |6 pages

Seat Belts and Disabled People

chapter |9 pages

The Disabled Learner Driver

part Session E|147 pages

Public Transportation

chapter |11 pages

Service Routes in Borás

chapter |9 pages

Physically Handicapped Persons in Public Transportation

Guidelines for vehicle design

part Session E|178 pages

Special Transportation systems

chapter |8 pages

Special Transportation Systems in Sweden.

An evaluation of the effects of changed quality of service.

chapter Session F|147 pages

Travel Needs and Travel Patterns