This volume considers recent studies that move beyond primordialism and its antithesis, social constructivism, to search for new insights to illuminate the nature of nationalism and its link to war. The authors also explore the role of shared interests, the history of peoples, elites and states, political imperatives, propaganda, and psychological predispositions. This combination provides a brillant, new look at nationalism and war-one that delves deeply into ethnic identity and the willingness of people to fight and die for nation-states.

chapter |13 pages

New Perspectives on Nationalism and War *

ByJohn L. Comaroff, Paul C. Stern

chapter |31 pages

Self Interest, Group Identification *

ByRussell Hardin

chapter |52 pages

Social-Psychological Aspects of Nationalism

ByDaniel Drucktnan

chapter |23 pages

Why do People Sacrifice for Their Nations? *

ByPaul C. Stern

chapter |51 pages

Nationalism, the Mass Army, and Military Power *

ByBarry R. Posen

chapter |18 pages

States and Nationalism in Europe 1492–1992 *

ByCharles Tilly

chapter |31 pages

Nationalism and Modernity: A Methodological Appraisal

ByEdward A. Tiryakian

chapter |6 pages

Comments on Edward Tiryakian's Paper

ByVincente L. Rafael