This volume adopts a unique, multidisciplinary approach to the study of the development of the human brain and early behavior. It includes chapters by researchers from several disciplines whose work addresses specific aspects of brain-behavioral interactions in development. The chapters provide strong evidence that the development of both brain and behavior is a response to biological and environmental variations.Language is also discussed, and provides a useful example of biosocial development because linguistic and brain functions and development can be examined under controlled conditions of both genetic and environmental deprivation. Research in this area has produced particularly exciting results pointing to the universality of language capacity among humans and illuminating the processes by which language competence develops.Brain Maturation and Cognitive Development provides new views in the understanding of human nature and present new, biosocially oriented research directions that are unique in their focus.

part I|25 pages


chapter |10 pages


ByKathleen R. Gibson, Anne C. Petersen

chapter 2|13 pages

Basic Neuroanatomy for the Nonspecialist

ByKathleen R. Gibson

part II|95 pages

Principles and Regularities of Neural Development

chapter |25 pages

Brain, Behavior, and Developmental Genetics

ByRobert Plomin, Hsiu-zu Ho

chapter 5|16 pages

Nutritional and Environmental Interactions in Brain Development

ByMorgan Brain, Gibson Kathleen R.

chapter 6|18 pages

Environmental Influences on the Young Brain

ByMarian C. Diamond

part III|187 pages

Primate and Human Behavioral Development from a Biosocial Perspective

chapter 10|28 pages

Cognitive Changes at Adolescence: Biological Perspectives

Edited ByJulia A. Graber, Anne C. Petersen

chapter 11|31 pages

Assessment of Brain Functioning in Individuals at Biosocial Risk: Examples from Alcoholic Families

Edited ByJeannette L. Johnson, Jon E. Rolf, James L. Rebetta

part IV|66 pages

Biosocial Sciences and the Neurology of Language

chapter 12|30 pages

Levels of Structure in a Communication System Developed without a Language Model

ByGoldin-Meadow Susan, Mylander Carolyn

chapter |10 pages

Some Structural and Developmental Correlates of Human Speech

ByArnold B. Scheibel