The World Yearbook of Education 2010 volume, Education and the Arab 'World': Political Projects, Struggles, and Geometries of Power, strives to do justice to the complex processes and dynamics behind the world of Arab education. Western interest in all things �Arab� has greatly increased over the course of the decade, but this interest runs the risk of forgetting that the Arab world is positioned within wider contexts of regional, geopolitical, and global processes. This volume examines Arab education in a range of contexts � regional, diasporic, and trans-national � to better understand how the field of Arab education is formed through local, regional, geopolitical and global engagements and resonances. In doing so, contributors from a range of disciplines open critical conversations about the intersections of history, culture, geopolitics, policy, and education. The World Yearbook of Education 2010 offers new conceptual and empirical approaches that deal with some of the often-neglected aspects of the study of Arab education: contested political projects; struggles towards emancipation, recognition and liberation; and a larger concern for social justice, equity, and political inclusion. Andr�lias Mazawi is associate professor in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is also an associate fellow at the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research at the University of Malta.Ronald G. Sultana is professor in the Department of Education Studies at the University of Malta, where he also leads the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research. He is the founding editor of the Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies.

chapter 1|39 pages

Editorial Introduction

Situating the ‘Worlds’ of Arab Education: Critical Engagements

part I|73 pages

Contested Policyscapes

chapter 2|16 pages

Privatizing Education in the Maghreb

A Path for a Two-Tiered Education System

chapter 3|18 pages

TVET Reforms in the Arab Region

The ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ in Policy Development

chapter 5|21 pages

Pressure Groups, Education Policy, and Curriculum Development in Lebanon

A Policy Maker’s Retrospective and Introspective Standpoint

part II|63 pages

Re-calling Voices

chapter 6|15 pages

Education and Ethnography

Insiders, Outsiders, and Gatekeepers

chapter 7|13 pages

Performing Patriotism

Rituals and Moral Authority in a Jordanian High School 1

chapter 8|18 pages

Doing ‘Identity Work’ in Teacher Education

The Case of a UAE Teacher

chapter 9|15 pages

To Educate an Iraqi-Jew

Or, What Can We Learn from Hebrew Autobiographies about Arab Nationalism and the Iraqi Education System (1921–1952)

part III|77 pages

Suspended Visibilities

part IV|58 pages

Knowledge Imaginaries

chapter 16|12 pages

Higher Education and Differentiation Based on Knowledge

Algeria’s Aborted Dream

chapter 17|15 pages

Going International

The Politics of Educational Reform in Egypt

part V|65 pages

Geopolitical Predicaments