This volume celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Society for Medieval Archaeology (established in 1957), presenting reflections on the history, development and future prospects of the discipline. The papers are drawn from a series of conferences and workshops that took place in 2007-08, in addition to a number of contributions that were commissioned especially for the volume. They range from personal commentaries on the history of the Society and the growth of the subject (see papers by David Wilson and Rosemary Cramp), to historiographical, regional and thematic overviews of major trends in the evolution and current practice of medieval archaeology.  All the publications are fully refereed with the aim of publishing at the highest academic level reports on sites of national and international importance, and of encouraging the widest debate. The series’ objectives are to cover the broadest chronological and geographical range and to assemble a series of volumes which reflect the changing intellectual and technical scope of the discipline.

chapter |7 pages

‘The Elephant in the Room’ and Other Tales of Medieval Archaeology

ByRoberta Gilchrist, Andrew Reynolds

part 1|67 pages

50 Years of Medieval Archaeology

chapter 2|23 pages

The Society for Medieval Archaeology:The Early Years (1956–62)

ByChristopher Gerrard

chapter 3|17 pages

Milestones in Early Medieval Archaeology Over the Last 50 Years

ByRosemary Cramp

chapter 4|11 pages

Looking to the Future of Medieval Archaeology

ByMark Gardiner, Stephen Rippon

part 2|147 pages

Regional Traditions in Medieval Archaeology

chapter 7|24 pages

Medieval Archaeology in Italy: From the Origins to the Present Day

ByAndrea Augenti

chapter 8|17 pages

Italian Medieval Archaeology: Recent Developments and Contemporary Challenges

ByGian Pietro Brogiolo

chapter 9|17 pages

Medieval Archaeology in Spain

ByJuan Antonio Quirós Castillo

chapter 10|33 pages

Medieval Archaeology in South-Eastern Europe

ByFlorin Curta

part 3|79 pages

Attribution at the Personal Level

chapter 11|28 pages

Understanding the Medieval Landscape

ByStephen Rippon

chapter 12|16 pages

Medieval Towns and Urbanization

ByGrenville Astill

chapter 13|18 pages

Housing Culture: Scandinavian Perspectives

ByElse Roesdahl

chapter 14|15 pages

Material Concerns: Non-Ceramic Finds c1050–1500

ByGeoff Egan

part 4|77 pages

Scientific Perspectives on Medieval Archaeology

part 5|129 pages

Scientific Perspectives on Medieval Archaeology

chapter 19|24 pages

Medieval Archaeology and Theory: A Disciplinary Leap of Faith

ByRoberta Gilchrist

chapter 20|26 pages

Meaningful Landscapes: An Early Medieval Perspective

ByAndrew Reynolds

chapter 21|18 pages

The Medieval Aristocracy and the Social use of Space

ByMartin Hansson

chapter 22|11 pages

Medieval Identity Issues

ByDavid A Hinton

chapter 23|24 pages

Burial, Belief and Identity in Later Anglo-Saxon England

ByD. M. Hadley

chapter 24|23 pages

Making the Past Present: Cinematic Narratives of the Middle Ages

ByMark A Hall