Written by leading experts, Public Administration in East Asia: Mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan examines the inner workings of governments in East Asia, in particular its public administration and related public policy processes. It focuses on the apparatus of government — the agencies, their values, context, and policies within which they operate. Organized in parallel sections, the book covers the history, public policy processes, organization, HRM, ethics, corruption, intergovernmental relations, performance management, and e-government. It discusses each of these topics separately for Mainland China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, providing an unusual and important comparative perspective. The book includes essential knowledge and facts, discussions of emerging issues, and useful resources for further reading. It addresses questions such as:

  • What is the history of public administration in East Asia?
  • How are decisions made?
  • What is the role of Confucianism in shaping public administration?
  • How does the developmental path affect public administration?
  • Why is performance management emphasized?
  • What is the state of citizen participation?
  • How are ethical underpinnings of the civil service different from the West?
  • Why are intergovernmental relations an essential issue in East Asia?
  • What are the politics behind world-class achievements in IT?
  • What is the nature of civil service reform?
  • What is the nature of efforts to combat government corruption?

You can find many books on trade policy and politics that sometimes give good insight into the operation of government agencies. You can also find a few edited books that contain single chapters on countries in the Asia-Pacific region. What is missing, however, is a single resource that provides an overview with depth on matters solely about public administration. This state-of-the-art resource brings together the fragments of existing knowledge on East Asian economies, filling the need for a comprehensive compendium that showcases the public administration practices in the region and East Asia’s innovative approaches to governance and its many challenges.

section 1|2 pages

Mainland China

chapter 2|22 pages

History and Context of public Administration in Mainland China

ByYijia Jing

chapter 3|20 pages

Public Policy Processes and Public Participation in Mainland China

ByRuichang Li, Qianwei Zhu

chapter 4|20 pages

Intergovernmental Relations in Mainland China

ByG. Zhiyong Lan, Guoquan Chen

chapter 5|22 pages

Public Service Ethics and Anticorruption Efforts in Mainland China

ByKe-yong Dong, Hong-shan Yang, XiaoHu Wang

chapter 6|28 pages

Performance Management Reforms in Mainland China

ByZhiren Zhou

chapter 7|20 pages

Civil Service Reforms in Mainland China

ByMengzhong Zhang, Wei Zhou

chapter 8|28 pages

E-government in Mainland China

ByKaifeng Yang, Xiaolin Xu

section 2|2 pages


chapter 9|18 pages

History and Context of Public Administration in Japan

ByKengo Akizuki

chapter 10|20 pages

Public Policy Processes and Citizen Participation in Japan

ByMasao Kikuchi

chapter 11|18 pages

Intergovernmental Relations in Japan

ByKeiichi Muto

chapter 12|22 pages

Public Service Ethics and Corruption in Japan

ByKamiko Akio

chapter 13|18 pages

Performance Management Reforms in Japan

ByMasao Kikuchi

chapter 14|14 pages

Civil Service Reform in Japan

ByYasuyuki Imanaka

chapter 15|22 pages

E-government in Japan

ByKazuhiro Asano

section 3|2 pages

South Korea

chapter 16|26 pages

History and Context of Public Administration in South Korea

BySeung-Yong Rho, Seung Jong Lee

chapter 18|24 pages

Intergovernmental Relations in Korea: From Dependency to Interdependency

ByChung-Lae Cho, Jun Hyun Hong, Deil S. Wright

chapter 19|26 pages

Public Service Ethics and Anticorruption Efforts in South Korea

BySam Youl Lee, Kwangho Jung

chapter 20|24 pages

Performance Management Reforms in South Korea 1

ByChang Kil Lee, M. Jae Moon

chapter 21|22 pages

The Civil Service System in the Republic of Korea

ByPan Suk Kim

chapter 22|22 pages

E-government in South Korea

ByHeungsuk Choi

section 4|2 pages


chapter 23|20 pages

History and Context of Public Administration in Taiwan

ByChung-yuang Jan

chapter 24|16 pages

Public Policy Processes and Citizen Participation in Taiwan

ByTong-yi Huang, Wenling Tu

chapter 25|30 pages

Intergovernmental Relations in Taiwan

ByDon-yun Chen, Yue-chang Lue

chapter 26|28 pages

Public Service Ethics and Corruption in Taiwan

ByChun-Ming Chen, Wen-Jong Juang

chapter 27|18 pages

Performance Management Reforms in Taiwan

ByChaomeng J. Huang, Lung-Teng Hu

chapter 28|18 pages

Civil Service Reforms in Taiwan

ByTsai-Tsu Su

chapter 29|22 pages

E-Government in Taiwan

ByJing Shiang, Naiyi Hsiao, Jin Lo