With contributions from leading regional scholars, Public Administration in Africa: Performance and Challenges examines the complexities of the art of governance from the unique African perspective. The editors bring together a cohesive study of the major issues and regions by taking an analytic approach with the strong problem-solution application. Regions addressed range from South Africa, Congo, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Mauritius, and Botswana. Themes include colonialism, reform, poverty, economy, decentralization, financing, media, political structures, and more.

Beginning with an analysis of the relationship of policy design and its destination, service delivery, the book discusses the historical development of a state that has gone through upheavals in government and explores a decayed political economy that ultimately results in a need for sweeping measures. The text examines the issues emerging policy-makers in Africa must tackle, namely poverty and the denial or lack of resources to keep a dignified human life. It highlights how the media can be a catalyst for good governance and provides analytical aspects of implementing good governance reforms.

The book concludes with an examination of the concepts of decentralization and devolution in measuring service delivery performance and an exploration of Africa’s economic success story. It also details the African Peer Review Mechanisms in selected African countries and provides a holistic analysis of local government functioning in Africa. These features and more make it an interdisciplinary reference for diverse social, economic, political, and administrative issues.

chapter Chapter 1|25 pages

Governance Apparatus in South Africa: From Policy Design to Service Delivery

ByGerrit van der Waldt

chapter Chapter 2|17 pages

Public Administration in the Democratic Republic of Congo

ByLukamba-Muhiya Tshombe

chapter Chapter 3|37 pages

Public Administration and Corruption in Uganda

ByBenon C. Basheka

chapter Chapter 4|13 pages

Public Sector Reforms in Nigeria: 1999–2009

ByAdewale Banjo

chapter Chapter 5|20 pages

Combating Poverty in South Africa: Understanding the Informal Sector in the Context of Scarce Opportunities

ByLoraine Boitumelo “Tumi” Mzini

chapter Chapter 7|17 pages

Implementing Good Governance Reform in Ghana: Issues and Experiences with Local Governance 1

ByPeter Fuseini Haruna, Lawrence Akanweke Kannae

chapter Chapter 8|13 pages

Overview of the African Peer Review Mechanism in Selected African Countries

ByErnest Peprah Ababio

chapter Chapter 9|20 pages

Lessons for Africa in Economic Policy Reform: The Mauritius Best Practice Case

ByDaniel Francois Meyer, Annelise Venter

chapter Chapter 10|21 pages

A Comparative Analysis of Local Government in Ghana and South Africa

ByErnest Peprah Ababio, Kwame Asmah-Andoh