This volume represents key scholarship on the issue of parental rights and responsibilities, selected from a dense forest of literature. The collection offers an overview of the subject and covers topics such as: underlying rationales of who or what is a parent; legal concepts ofparent and their linkage; the legal parent - accommodating complexity; the nature and scope of parental rights; shared parental responsibility; and parental rights and the state.

chapter |16 pages


part I|140 pages

Who or what is a parent? Underlying rationales

chapter 1|10 pages

The Origin of Parental Rights

ByBarbara Hall

chapter 3|6 pages

The Intention to be a Parent and the Making of Mothers

ByGillian Douglas

chapter 4|22 pages

Toward a Pluralist Account of Parenthood

ByTim Bayne, Avery Kolers

chapter 5|8 pages

Procreation and Parental Responsibility

ByJeffrey Blustein

chapter 6|7 pages

The moral basis of children's relational rights

ByJames C. Dwyer

part II|29 pages

Legal concepts of 'parent' and their linkage

chapter 9|5 pages

Rethinking Parental Responsibility

ByJohn Eekelaar

part III|126 pages

The legal parent – accommodating complexity

chapter 10|16 pages

Law and the complexities of parenting: parental status and parental function

ByCraig Lind, Tom Hewitt

chapter 11|23 pages

What is a Parent?

ByEmily Jackson

chapter 12|30 pages

Arguments about Parentage

ByAndrew Bainham

part IV|126 pages

The nature and scope of parental rights

chapter 15|22 pages

The Myth of Parental Rights

chapter 16|24 pages

Conceptions of Parental Autonomy

ByColin M. Macleod

chapter 17|20 pages

Is Anything Now Left of Parental Rights?

ByAndrew Bainham

chapter 18|17 pages

The Welfare Principle and the Rights of Parents

ByJonathan Herring

part V|64 pages

Shared parental responsibility

chapter 21|18 pages

The Degradation of Parental Responsibility

ByHelen Reece

chapter 22|20 pages

Legislating for Shared Time Parenting after Separation: A Research Review

ByBelinda Fehlberg, Bruce Smyth, Mavis Maclean, Ceridwen Roberts

part VI|56 pages

Parental rights and the state

chapter 23|17 pages

Licensing Parents Revisited

ByHugh LaFollette

chapter 24|12 pages

Child Abuse: parental rights and the interests of the child

ByDavid Archard

chapter 25|24 pages

Making and Breaking Family Life: Adoption, the State, and Human Rights

BySonia Harris-Short